About Me

Hi, my name is Steve.

I want to talk to you about something that may have never crossed your mind. EMF radiation. You, like me not too long ago, may not know too much about what EMF radiation is.

It actually was only brought to my attention a few years ago when I took my teenage daughter to the mall and I saw that she was completely glued to her phone. In fact, it was like she was going blindly wherever there was Wi-Fi as if there was some invisible trail she was following.

I remember getting annoyed and thinking to myself how I was never that ignorant, and that the teens of today are a breed of their own. But then it occurred to me, there weren’t mobile phones and Wi-Fi or even computers, for that matter, when I was growing up. These teens have had these things around them all of their lives and don’t know any better.

When we got home from our father-daughter day out, I spoke to my wife about how all those hours of looking into the computer and mobile phone screen must be affecting her eyesight. Little did I know that all of my investigation into technology was going to unravel a greater concern.

That was when I was introduced to EMF radiation and EMF radiation can’t be avoided. It isn’t realistic to remove all of the laptops, mobile phones, televisions and tablets from your home. And you know what, even if you do, what about when you and your family leave the house? The radiation is everywhere and unavoidable.

All we can do is be smart and look at ways to protect ourselves and understand as much as we can about what EMF radiation is. There are hundreds of websites offering information about electromagnetic fields and what it does to your body. But how reliable is the information?

EMF Risks educates you about all there is to know when it comes to EMF radiation. Did you know you could get EMF shielding clothing? Or that some brands sell items such as hairdryers and other gadgets that emit less EMF than usual?

On EMF Risks you will find comparisons of the best of these low-frequency products, so that you know exactly what you are getting if you decide to go down that road. Also, read some of my blogs about general everyday questions you might have about EMF radiation. For instance, what is the safe distance to live from a power line?

These are all questions that have gone round in my head and once I found out the answers, I had to share it with anyone else that was as concerned as I was. This is an ongoing matter, and all we can do is be as knowledgeable as we can on the matter.

I hope you find the information I’m sharing with you as helpful as I did when I learned about it. I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts about anything I have written, after all, we are in this together.