Is Apple Watch Radiation Real? Fact or Fiction

apple watch radiation

Apple is one of the world’s leading technology companies. They are responsible for some of the most popular gadgets today, including the iPhone, Macbook, iPod, Smartwatches, and several other devices.

Our focus here is the Apple Watch and the radiation concerns surrounding it. It is a fact that Apple Watches emit electromagnetic radiation, but the question is if this radiation is threatening our health.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Apple Watch radiation. We’ll also show you the SAR rating of all the models of Apple Watches and then explain how to protect yourself. Let’s get started.

The Apple Watch

apple watch radiation

Apple was established on April 1, 1976, and it has become one of the largest technology companies in the world. Over the years, Apple has released several devices including phones, hearing enhancements, laptops, smart watches, tablets, and many other gadgets.

Recently, their phones, smart watches, laptops, and earbuds have become their leading products. Their smartwatches, particularly, have been getting a lot of attention, and people are asking questions.

The smartwatch’s design can be traced back to 2014, and we can see significant improvements in the overall design today. The newer models have a more sophisticated look and function better than the older smartwatch models.

With the Apple Watch, you can perform numerous tasks and regulate your day-to-day activities. You can make the most out of your workouts because the watch keeps track of your progress. It also has sensors that can read your heartbeat.

Furthermore, the watch facilitates a hands-free experience. You can do most of the things you do with your phone on the watch. You can make calls, reply to messages, and use voice assistants all without picking up your phone.

It is not a secret that the Apple Watch or iWatch is one of the most purchased Apple products. The watch offers a lot more than we’ve mentioned, and those with one already know what we’re talking about.

So, we already know that the Apple Watch is a great product, but what about the not-so-great part?

Apple Watch Radiation

wearing apple watch

The answer is yes for those still wondering if the Apple Watch emits radiation. From the mode of operation, you can tell that the watch gives off electromagnetic field radiation.

If you have an Apple Watch, you know you need to connect it to your phone to make the most of the watch. However, you don’t connect the watch to your phone with a cord or wire but instead via a wireless connection.

You can connect your watch to your phone through cellular data, Bluetooth, or WiFi. These wireless forms of connection involve sending signals as waves to a receiver. These waves are known as radiofrequency radiation or RF radiation.

Constantly exposing ourselves to specific amounts of radiation is dangerous, especially for extended periods. Unfortunately, we tend to wear our smartwatches throughout the day basically every day of the week.

The amount of radiation produced in the watch is not enough to have an instant effect on our health. However, the longer you wear the watch, the more exposed you are to the radiation.

Some government agencies, like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), regulate companies specializing in wireless transmissions. The FCC has a bare minimum that all related companies must follow, and Apple complies with this standard. However, is this standard safe for us?

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Every affected company performs a test called the Specific Absorption Rate test. SAR measures the amount of RF energy in the body over a period of time.

The FCC has a maximum SAR value, and no company can exceed this value. However, the set value is based on old research, and recent studies have shown that it is not safe.

Apple isn’t breaking any laws because they comply with the FCC regulation, but this doesn’t mean the watch is safe for you. Furthermore, the farther you are from the radiation, the safer you are. However, the watch is literally in contact with our skin, and we’re exposed to the radiation all day.

Apple Watch Models and Their SAR Values

apple watches

The FCC has different SAR limits based on the part of the body. The wrist has a limit of 4.0W/kg, and the more sensitive head area has a limit of 1.6 W/kg. The varying SAR limit is because the different body parts absorb radiation differently.

Since we’re talking about the Apple Watch models, we’ll only give you the SAR value for the wrist.

1st Generation Apple Watch

As the name suggests, this was the first available model of the Apple Watch. It was released in 2014 and was popular with the iPhone 5.

The watch can track your heart rate, number of steps, and distance. Also, it has a touch feature and uses a voice prompt.

The first model was the A1553, with a wrist value of 0.024. Next came the A1554, with a wrist rating of 0.0661.

Apple Watch Series 1

This model showed considerable improvement, and new features were included. This watch was released in 2016.

The battery of this model was improved, allowing it to last for ten additional hours. Also, some new features were added, like Siri personal assistant, Bluetooth music, payment service, and an App Store.

The first series under this model was the A1802, with a wrist value of 0.018. After the A1802, the A1803 came out with a wrist value of 0.018.

Apple Watch Series 2

This model saw a drastic improvement in the overall design and functionality. It featured a dual-core processor and better brightness. Also, water resistance was included in the design of this model.

Models A1751 and A1816 both have a wrist value of 0.049. Models A1758 and A1817 have a wrist value of 0.054.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple made this model in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. This model featured some improvements, such as heart rate notifications and retina display.

GPS+ Cellular Models A1860, A1891, and A1892 have a wrist value of 0.18. A1889 has a wrist value of 0.15. A1890 has a wrist value of 0.14. A1861 has a wrist value of 0.34. A1858 has a wrist value of 0.034. Finally, A1859 has a wrist value of 0.023.

Apple Watch Series 4

This model was released in 2018. It features an improved gyroscope and accelerometer.

Models A1976 and A2008 have a wrist value of 0.36. A1975 has a wrist value of 0.34. A2007 has a wrist value of 0.26. A1977 has a wrist value of 0.07. Finally, A1978 has a wrist value of 0.10.

Apple Watch Series 5

This series features several improvements, including a better heart sensor, an always-on retina display, and emergency dialing.

The A2095 and A2157 have a wrist value of 0.34. The A2094 and A2156 have a wrist value of 0.39. The GPS model A2093 has a wrist value of 0.08. Finally, the GPS model A2092 has a wrist value of 0.07.

Apple Watch Series 6

Model A2293 has a wrist value of 0.31, and model A2375 also has a wrist value of 0.31.

Apple Watch Series 7

Series 7 is the most recent model of the Apple Watch. Model A2474 has a wrist value of 0.03.

Effects of Smartwatch Radiation

Apple Watches use Bluetooth, cellular data, and WiFi, which are all sources of RF radiation. Constantly wearing the watch is not good for your health because your cells continuously absorb the radiation.

You won’t feel the effects immediately, but after enough time, you will start seeing signs of EMF irritation. Some common overexposure to RF radiation symptoms include headaches, nausea, ear ringing, skin irritation, insomnia, fertility disorder, and strange pains.

The effects can be more severe in young children because they are still developing. The cells in young kids are more susceptible to change and are easily affected by radiation.

Protect Yourself From Apple Watch EMF

If you wear your watch, you’ll be exposed to EMF. However, you can reduce the time you wear it, and we’ll show you how.

Remove It Before Bed

A lot of people have a habit of wearing their watches to sleep. You won’t use the watch in your sleep, so why expose yourself to EMF further? Take your watch off before you go to bed, and keep it at a safe distance from your body.

Remember that the less time you spend with your watch, the less exposed you are to radiation.

Use Airplane Mode

Try to use your watch in airplane mode as often as possible. The radiation generated from the watch comes from radio frequencies like Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data. In airplane mode, your watch will generate less radiation since it is not connected to any device.


Apple has some of the best products like phones, smart watches, laptops, music players, etc. The Apple smartwatch is our topic of interest, and we’ve looked at the radiation concern surrounding it.

Apple Watch radiation is real, and you need to be careful. We’ve looked at all the series of Apple Watches and their respective SAR wrist values. We’ve also discussed the harmful effects of overusing the watch and some precautions you can employ.

We are here to teach you more about protecting yourself from unseen forces. 

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