The Best Antibacterial Socks for Odor-Free Feet – Our Top 5 Recommendations

antibacterial socks

Are you tired of constantly living in fear of taking off your shoes when you go to a friend’s house on the off chance your socks might stink up the air? We’re pretty sure nobody likes smelly feet, and you’d do just about anything to save yourself the embarrassment of being considered unhygienic just because you have the misfortune of having particularly pungent sock odor.

Well, fear no more! We’ve gone through all the best antimicrobial products online and have come up with a list of amazing antibacterial sock treatments to let you live your best smelly-feet-free life!

To help you choose the best anti-bacterial socks out of the millions of socks available online, we’ve shortlisted the best anti-odor sock treatment for your ease.

Antibacterial Socks

So, what are antibacterial socks? These socks kill the growth of bacteria on your feet that use components in sweat as their food source, and so reduce the foul odor on socks.

In addition to the universally-shared experience of being embarrassed due to our foul-smelling feet, some of us have experienced diseases on our feet that could be prevented by anti-bacterial socks. While antimicrobial treatments do successfully kill off any odor-causing bacteria, they can be particularly harsh on the skin.

The real culprit is our casual socks trapping our precipitation to create the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria. By upgrading to a pair of socks with antimicrobial properties, you can free yourself from ever having to worry about stinky feet in addition to bacterial infection and conditions.

1. Lambs Antibacterial No-Show Socks

2-Pack Antibacterial No-show Socks

If you’re looking for that extremely soft, antimicrobial material sock duo, the Lambs’ Antibacterial No-Show socks are an excellent option. They come in packs of two, so you get more for the price of one! The X-Soft™ silver fiber type is extremely soft, while still retaining its functionality of antimicrobial activity.

Additionally, this pair is 50% more absorbent than cotton socks. The odor-capture technology is designed to destroy and prevent any bacteria from growing.

The sock material is an immensely soft fabric for optimal comfort, with fabric air permeability to increase breathability, with the added touch of being fashionable for your no-show sock style. So, these socks will keep your feet from smelling funky while letting you flex your new Yeezys without your socks peeking out and ruining your vibe!


  • Seam-free design for comfort and no irritation during athletic activities
  • No-show design is sleek and fashionable
  • Sturdy and machine washable


  • On the more expensive side
  • Limited colors available

With astounding customer reviews, with none below four stars, the Lambs odor control technologies have a lot to offer: we recommend these to anyone looking for that fantastic fashion and functionality combo.

2. Lambs Antibacterial Crew Socks

Antibacterial Crew Socks

If you’re on the lookout for a good deal when it comes to antimicrobial socks, a great option to consider is another one of Lamb’s creations, the Antibacterial Crew Socks. These socks have antimicrobial fabric properties, and can be used on various occasions.

Their classic crew design makes the fabric thickness ideal for those in colder climates. Additionally, they are perfect for anyone on the sportier side, so if your life requires a lot of daily foot movement, these athletic socks are a must for you! These socks’ advanced odor-capture technology will leave your feet sweat and smell-free.

The antimicrobials on these socks are highly effective, and their legitimacy can be determined by the demand for these socks. On the Lamb’s website, they openly claim the product sells out faster than they can produce them. So, rush on over before the socks become out of stock again!


  • Seam-free design for comfort and no irritation during athletic activities
  • Permanent antibacterial and anti-odor effect
  • Sturdy and machine washable


  • On the more expensive side
  • Often runs out of stock
  • Limited colors

While there’s a chance you may encounter some issues with the cost and with the speed it goes out of stock, we recommend this product for its odor control technologies and fabric air permeability. Despite the price of the socks, a vast majority of the customers’ reviews give very positive feedback.

3. Iseasoo Copper Compression Socks

These copper compression socks are an excellent product: with their copper fiber technology, they fight against sock odor, and have medical benefits. The compression, combined with the copper fibers, cuts down on swelling of the feet, improving blood circulation.

Initially, you might face some concerns and doubt over the large pack for the price, yet you’ll see there’s no catch. Many customers questioned the authenticity of such a product and shared their disbelief, but in the end, they confessed that the product’s worth would lead them to rebuy whenever required in the future.

This pack of eight cotton socks comes in a variety of colors, and gives you the option to choose whatever color combination you want. These socks are copper-infused, breathable, and moisture-wicking, with effective, quality antimicrobial activity.


  • Improved blood circulation
  • Provides compression support
  • Reasonable cost


  • Product deterioration centered around heels
  • Sizes not accommodating for edge cases of the size spectrum

This amazing product provides excellent compression support for anyone suffering from poor circulation and swelling in the feet. While the size range did not cover the customers in either the large end of the spectrum or the small end, overall, the sizes were accommodating to the majority.

We think they are an excellent choice for fighting the amount of bacteria buildup caused due to sweating. With a low cost for a greater quantity of socks, you can get the most out of this product, considering its quality and price point.

4. Balega Silver No-Show Compression Socks

These socks’ antimicrobial technologies are centered around the silver chloride ions infused into the yarn. The silver fights against the amounts of bacteria buildup on the feet. In addition, these no-show socks’ compression fit design is reminiscent of a sock for running shoes, with silver locks that prevent odor on fabric.

The placement of the silver locks allows for maximum support to reduce and prevent swelling around the heel and midfoot, but not around the toes so they can be allowed a free range of movement.


  • Machine washable
  • Provides compression support
  • Seamless toe box minimizes friction
  • Medium-volume cushioning ensures comfort and durability for extended training and endurance events


  • Product deterioration centered around heels

The Balega Silver No-Show compression socks are a state-of-the-art fusion of the aesthetic and medicinal world. Balega has a lot to offer: we recommend these socks to anyone looking for that desirable combo of fashion and functionality.

5. Carolina Ultimate Copper Crew Socks

The Carolina Ultimate Copper Crew socks come in two colors, black and gray. Unfortunately, the fabric thickness makes them optimal for the colder weather of autumn and winter. They are woven with fibers infused with copper, and clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and odors.

Customers suffering from athlete’s foot share a very positive response to these socks, praising them as comfortable and well-made, while also giving effective antimicrobial activity.


  • Machine washable
  • Seamless smooth toe has less bulk and causes less irritation for sensitive feet
  • Full cushion foot and leg provide optimal impact protection and support
  • Arch support and reinforced heel and toe provide a better fit and optimal durability


  • Sock thickness: unwearable in hotter weather

Why Do I Need Antibacterial Socks?

Socks isolated

Using antibacterial socks is considered an upgrade, because it helps avoid stinky feet and has the added benefit of inhibiting and killing bacteria. While that alone can greatly affect a person’s self-esteem and, in turn, affect confidence and quality of life, let’s explore some of these benefits in more detail to truly appreciate how these socks can help.

Improved Personal Hygiene

Antibacterial socks have the unique property of being able to not only reduce the growth of smell-inducing bacteria, but also eliminate it completely. Anyone who goes to the gym or just simply performs extensive work throughout the day knows the peril of sweat buildup in your socks, and the absolute nausea-inducing stench that starts emitting from your socks.

Antibacterial socks save you from the smell, and provide you the ability to gift the stinky fellow in your life a lovely pair of socks (which is, in actuality, a gift to yourself.)

If you get socks for yourself, they keep your feet drier and more comfortable throughout the day. While you may change a pair of regular socks, the smell seeps into your good shoes and affects the standard of cleanliness.

Additionally, these socks don’t lose their properties after washing: on average, the socks will maintain more than 95% of antibacterial performance. They don’t emit an odor, and don’t have to be washed until they have dirt on them.

Medical Benefits

The antibacterial properties of these socks allow them to inhibit 650 kinds of bacteria. Additionally, they can act as a precautionary measure against athlete’s foot, which is caused by sweat and bacteria. If someone is suffering from athlete’s foot, the socks can reduce the effects of athlete’s foot by keeping the affected feet dry.

Another plus is these socks prevent the development of blisters. We think they’re an excellent utility to help reduce the chance of developing infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and other similar organisms.

Which Material Has the Best Antibacterial Effect?

Antibacterial effects can be achieved in multiple ways. The socks can be given such properties by adding known and researched antibacterial fibers such as silver, zinc, or copper to the socks.

Another way is by adding antibacterial liquids to the yarn. Through trials, it has been observed that the antibacterial properties of the liquid will diminish after several times of washing.

Studies show that the direct addition of antibacterial yarn is more effective when compared to antibacterial liquid. Some yarn materials, like bamboo and COOLMAX, by nature, have antibacterial properties and do not require additives to give them odor-free properties.

Due to gravity and the natural heat production of the feet, sweat accumulates at the bottom of the foot. You’ll note this is also where the yarns are centered on inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Don’t be fooled by socks claiming to have antibacterial yarn added in the upper leg: this is just a gimmick to increase costs and make profits off you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about antibacterial socks? Here are some common questions and their answers!

What’s the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial socks?

The terms antibacterial and antimicrobial are used interchangeably when it comes to socks. The actual difference between the terms “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial” is that an antibacterial sock is effective against an extensive range of bacteria, but cannot tackle fungi and viruses.

Antimicrobial protection refers to any microbe, i.e., protection against fungi, viruses, parasites, mites, bacteria, etc. The term antimicrobial also includes microorganisms like algae, yeast, and certain worms.

How long do antimicrobial socks last?

According to users, antimicrobial socks can last for up to five days without being washed. Even then, they don’t necessarily smell as bad as regular socks would, but it’s best to wash them before they hit the full-week mark.

Can fungus spread through socks?

Damp areas are the best environment for fungal growth. Because of the moisture trapped in socks, it’s easy for people to develop athlete’s foot, the most common fungal infection.


Choosing the right pair of antibacterial socks can make a difference to your feet and overall comfort. It’s important to consider all factors before you make a choice. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best antibacterial socks that meet your needs!

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