Best EMF Protection Stickers: 5 Stickers to Purchase

Best EMF Protection Stickers

As public awareness of cell phone radiation has increased, so has the popularity of anti-radiation stickers. It’s reasonable to want to protect yourself. If these items work as claimed, they could be a valuable ally in the fight against EMF radiation

Electromagnetic blocking stickers can help you overcome radiation by shielding your brain from negative impacts, such as migraines. Simply place one on the back of your phone case to benefit from the reduced exposure. 

There are numerous radiation protection stickers out there that claim to be the best. Which ones should you try? Let’s get started with the science relating to EMF protection and go over some of the best EMF protection stickers on the market.

What Are Radiation Stickers?

Radiation stickers are small adhesive stickers that can be placed either on a mobile phone, over an earpiece, or wherever else you might need it. The fundamental concept is that they attract and absorb the phone’s radiation. 

These have been around for decades, but they’ve only just gained popularity as companies jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting them as the cure-all for mobile phone radiation. 

Radiation stickers work by reflecting or absorbing radio waves from electrical devices. Some of these claim to reduce radiation by up to 99 percent! They come in various shapes and sizes, with some being far more expensive than others. 

Best EMF Protection Sticker: Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for anti-radiation stickers, avoid anything that seems too good to be true. More often than not, it is! A product should ideally be backed by manufacturer research or, at the absolute least, verifiable customer reviews.

Let’s look at some of the most effective anti-radiation stickers on the market.

1. Best Overall: TAGCMC Protection Sticker

The stickers are made up of 16 different elements and use Bio-Armor technology to decrease the interaction between the electronic device and your body. This EMF protection sticker claims to shield up to 99 percent of the radiation released by the devices around you. 

According to the manufacturer, the sticker emits natural negative ions that help your bodies’ blood circulation. They provide a lot more in terms of compatibility as they work with all electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, computers, printers, routers, microwave ovens, etc. 

Those who live or work in high EMF environments can use these stickers to shield hazardous currents that build up in their bioenergy field and to reduce exposure to radiation. 

Each sticker is only 0.016 inches. They’re compact and light and do not interfere with the mobile phone’s signal, Wi-Fi router signal, or the regular operation of other gadgets. You may attach them to the back of your phone or phone case. They don’t degrade, are incredibly long-lasting, and don’t demand frequent replacement.


  • Qty pack: 12
  • Main materials: Plastic
  • Protection: 5G and EMF
  • Sticker diameter: 0.016 inches

What We Like

  • EMF protection up to 99.9%.
  • Doesn’t interfere with the phone’s performance
  • Compatible with a variety of electronic gadgets
  • Blocks negative ions and protects from their harmful effects
  • Portable and easy to carry

What We Don’t Like 

  • No instructions on how much to put on each surface

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2. Best Budget: Aulterra EMF Protection Anti Radiation Sticker

The Aulterra Neutralizer retunes electromagnetic emissions and transforms toxic energy using rare minerals. It’s a unique blend of activated paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials that convert artificial EMF exposure into harmless chemicals. The neutralizer is just a little holographic sticker with layers of paramagnetic material. These layers are present between the holographic neutralizer picture and a bonding agent.

The four micro-thin layers feature EMF neutralizing technology that changes any type or amount of electromagnetic radiation that could’ve negatively affected your life. The neutralizer alters them so that they are no longer hazardous to the human body. 

It accomplishes this by inserting four layers of paramagnetic minerals into the sticker. A standout feature of this sticker is its size – it can fit on every phone model!

The proprietary technology protects you from harmful 5G radiation and EMFs. The stickers are suitable for smartphones, microwaves, computers, a WiFi router, baby monitors, and other wireless devices.

You can buy these stickers in packs of three (the tri-pack) or one. Stick it on the back of your phone and shield yourself from EMF radiation without disrupting your phone’s signal.


  • Qty pack: 3 Pack
  • Main materials: Paramagnetic minerals 
  • Protection: 5G and EMFs

What We Like

  • Offers four micro-thin layers of protection
  • They don’t expire
  • Increases protection by reversing bio-electrical processes
  • Compatible with all phones
  • Offers effective protection from exposure to EMF radiation

What We Don’t Like

  • The adhesive isn’t the best

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3. Best Runner Up: ALGORITHM SAFETY EMF Protection Cell Phone Stickers

The EMF Pro Cell Phone Protection sticker protects you from harmful 5G and Wi-Fi radiation. These 24k gold stickers bring together the most advanced technologies to fight against harmful radiation effects. Thanks to Shungite powder, these stickers help defend against risks like electro pollution and waves generated by electronic gadgets.

The sticker’s unique structure features 24k gold, a far-infrared NANO powder layer, and a mineral jade chip – providing exceptional protection from dangerous electromagnetic frequencies or electromagnetic fields created by electrical devices like cell phones or laptops.

Like the Aulterra stickers, you can use the ALGORITHM SAFETY stickers on any phone or laptop too.

This EMF blocker is reasonably priced and comes in packs of six with an energy-saving chip, which is ideal for devices with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You may experience non-sticky adhesive issues with some stickers, but not with these. 

The powerful 3D glue makes it easy to apply and guarantees that it adheres firmly. You also don’t have to be concerned about the sticker ruining the appearance of your smartphone – its gold design is elegant and refined. 

In a nutshell, this EMF pro sticker protects you from radiation while enhancing your phone’s (or laptop’s) classy appearance – a solid combo!


  • Qty pack: 6 Pack
  • Main materials: 24k Gold and absorbing film with a nano powder layer
  • Protection: EMF blocker

What We Like

  • Made of gold film and protect you from electro pollution
  • Chips extend the battery’s life
  • Can be used on every household equipment
  • Solid 3D glue and an energy-saving chip 
  • Physically appealing
  • Offers good protection from the harmful effects of EMF radiation

What We Don’t Like 

  • The number of stickers needed depends on the electronic device
  • Multiple stickers would be needed for a washing machine or refrigerator

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4. Best Under $20: YUEKAI EMF Protection Cell Phone Stickers

These stickers go with all electronic devices, thanks to their large size and ultra-thin profile. According to the manufacturer, the product works by creating negative ions, which spurs into motion biological reactions, increasing serotonin, a mood-enhancing chemical in the body. This aids in alleviating depression, stress, and boosts your daytime vitality.

You also get a 30-second demo video on using these stickers. Yuekai claims that these stickers are optimized for 5G and provide 99.9% protection as indicated by EMF Meter devices

The sticker is extremely thin and can be attached to various objects in any setting, including residences, offices, hospitals, and other unique working locations. It has an elegant look and even better durability. More importantly, even though it blocks out EMF radiation frequencies, it won’t affect your phone’s signal or wireless charging features.


  • Qty pack: 4 Pack
  • Protection: 5G and EMF
  • Sticker diameter: 4.2 x 2.4 Inches

What We Like 

  • Protects from 5G radiation emission
  • Provides EMF protection up to 99.9%
  • Three times the size of its peers and provides more coverage
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t interfere with signal strength in any way

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks consistency; you may experience lapses in performance

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5. Alternative: Shungite Sticker for Cell Phone EMF Protection

The Shungite stone is a strong material with numerous benefits. It shields the body from all types of electromagnetic and 5G radiation. Use this sticker to soften the impact of radio waves, making your electronics safe to use. 

This anti-radiation sticker is manufactured from 100 percent natural Shungite and has a special silicone adhesive backing that makes it extremely durable and easy to apply and remove. It can combat radiation from mobile towers, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and other similar sources. 

The sticker has a 20mm diameter, meaning it can be easily stuck on the back of your computer, phone, or another electronic device. The sticker size is ideal for enhancing the protection offered by a cell phone radiation shield but can be used on just about any type of cell phone or cellphone case.


  • Qty pack: 6 Pack
  • Main materials: Shungite stone
  • Protection: 5G
  • Sticker diameter: 22mm

What We Like 

  • Made of natural Shungite stone
  • All-round protection from phone and other devices’ radiation
  • Physically appealing 
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Long-lasting

What We Don’t Like

  • Glue isn’t up to our standards

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The Best Spots to Paste the Stickers

You can stick detachable stickers on various parts of your phone to absorb radiation. However, the placement of the EMF sticker depends on what kind of EMF sticker and phone you have. 

Here are a few places you can put the radiation sticker:

The Phone’s Backside

You can put at least two stickers on the back of your phone. If you just have one sticker, stick it at the center of your phone’s backside. 

Did you know that your phone emits EMF radiation from the back, front, and even sides? Stickers on the back will not efficiently absorb all of the radiation released.

At the very least, you should cover your phone’s sides for total protection. Putting more stickers on the back of your phone will lower the amount of electromagnetic radiation it releases and also prevent your body from absorbing radiation from the phone into your hand.

Over the Earpiece

Believe it or not, the earpiece of your phone does emit radiation. Since you keep the earpiece remarkably close to your head (particularly when speaking on the phone for prolonged periods) it exposes your brain to a lot of harmful EMF radiation. The damage can be more profound for the electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS)

Place a sticker across your earpiece to minimize EMF exposure.

Phone Case

Your phone case is another good choice to put your sticker on. You can limit a substantial amount of radiation by placing the stickers on the side of your phone case that comes into direct contact with your body.

Phone Antenna

The antenna on your cell phone paves the way for communication by connecting your phone to the cell tower. You can minimize radiation by placing a sticker near the antenna.

Other Smart Devices

These stickers can be used on any type of smart device. In addition to smartphones, they are also handy for protecting you from electromagnetic radiation if you stick them on the back of tablets, e-readers, navigational equipment, smart watches, earphones or earbuds, and many other devices.

On Wi-Fi Routers 

WiFi routers also emit quite a bit of EMF radiation which can have damaging effects when you sit close to this smart device or when you forget to turn off the router at night. By sticking the EMF sticker on the router, you can absorb some of that harmful energy.

On Baby Monitors

Babies are especially vulnerable to the effects of radiation produced by magnetic fields. It is a good idea to create an anti-radiation shield or bed canopy around your baby’s crib and to stick an anti-radiation sticker on the baby monitor. 

On the Microwave

Microwaves also emit damaging EMF waves and these waves can affect you if you stand too close to the microwave while using it. Sticking an EMF sticker on the front of your microwave is a good way to absorb the radio frequency and minimize the negative effects these devices can have on your body. 

On Your Computer and Monitor or Laptop

Laptops and computers also create electromagnetic emissions and can severely affect those that spend many hours in front of a desk. EMF stickers can be placed on these devices to absorb some of that wireless radiation. You can then enhance the protection by placing a laptop radiation shield underneath your monitor, laptop, or desktop computer.

How to Get Rid of Radiation Blocker Stickers?

Stickers have a two-year lifespan. You should detach and dispose of them at that point. But don’t worry, removing EMF protection stickers is a rather simple process.

If it doesn’t come off easily, you can rub some alcohol on the sticker, weakening the sticker’s adhesive. Next, use your credit card or something similar to remove it – work the card’s edge back and forth across the surface until the sticker peels off. 

Final Thoughts 

The EMF protection stickers help keep harmful radiation at bay so that you can keep using your electronics without harm. If you’re sensitive to EMF radiation or simply worried about not doing enough, anti-radiation stickers will be a wise investment. 

So which of these anti-radiation stickers do you think is the most effective? Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

With the above in mind, you’re all set to purchase the best EMF protection stickers and make lifestyle changes to decrease your EMF radiation exposure.

If you are also in the market for other quality products to protect you from EMF exposure then you should have a look at some of the other guides on EMF Risks. With our guides, you can enjoy modern tech to the fullest without any of the health risks associated with these electromagnetic devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Lifespan of EMF Stickers?

A product’s life expectancy is determined by its brand, and it’s the same for EMF radiation stickers. A good sticker will last you anywhere between 2-3 years. Your phone turning hot is one of the first signs of the sticker losing its edge.

Are Anti-Radiation Stickers Effective?

Most stickers protect only a small area around them. For example, a 1-inch sticker on the back of your phone will block radiation from the limited area it covers. So it will protect about one inch and a few centimeters more, but that’s about it!

What Types of Radiation Do EMF Stickers Absorb?

These stickers are designed to absorb all types of radiation waves that might affect your health. They are effective for absorbing most types of radiation including RF, EMF, 5G, 4G, ELF, and other types of man-made X-rays that can be harmful to human health.

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