Best Whole House EMF Protection For 2021 – EMF Risks

The product recommended in this article is the EMF Harmonizer Home and Office Kit by EMF Harmony

Whole House Protection and Why You Need It

Our modern, wireless, techno-enriched, information-saturated world is and continues to push the boundaries of technology in its expanding demand for faster rates of data transfer and larger volumes of transferred information. As a result, the amount and energetic intensity of radiofrequency radiation (non-ionizing) in our environment have dramatically increased in just less than a few decades.

Despite assertions from manufacturers and regulatory agencies stating that electronic products that emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are perfectly safe, it is an unavoidable fact that human beings have never been exposed to the amount of electromagnetic radiation they currently experience. We have no precedent situation with which we can compare our current levels of exposure and that exposure is increasing exponentially.

Furthermore, EMF exposure levels will only increase as new wireless technologies are developed and demand drives the whole process forward. For those of you who can remember, just think about how much the world has changed in such a very short interval of time.

Prior to the 1920s, the only exposure people received came from natural background EMF sources such as the earth and signals from space, the latter of which are largely deflected by the magnetic field of the planet. In 1925, only half the homes in the US had electric power.

After the 1920s, radio broadcasts for news and entertainment became common. By the mid-1950s, television programming by aerial transmission was becoming a regular thing, but that was about it for public EMF exposure unless you lived next to a radar installation.

Jump forward now to the 1980s when cordless telephones started to become popular and by 1990 were found in almost every home. This was also the time when cellular phones entered the consumer market en masse and became increasingly common personal devices by the year 2000.

Shortly after this, we entered the age of broadband wireless internet modem technology (about 1999) which has now been extended to many smart devices in the home (smartphones, televisions, thermostats, door cameras, tablets, laptops, speakers, smart bands, and coming soon all sorts of basic appliances to create the “internet of things”), all transmitting EMF.

Add in increased energies from external transmission sources communicating with all those devices and you have an EMF-saturated environment. There is no easy way to model and predict what all this will eventually mean for human (and animal and plant) health since environmental studies are very difficult to conduct.

Typically, EMF studies examine either effects on cells or with laboratory animals in a controlled setting with a limited number of parameters. However, the most effective studies examine real-world data, but even those are challenged with removing confounders that may cause effects not attributable to EMF.

The bottom line is that we have some indications of adverse health effects from some long-term EMF exposure epidemiology studies, but the truth is we really do not know all the risks. It is better to invoke the precautionary principle and invest in a bit of mitigative technology now rather than be really sorry later to find out that chronic EMF exposure did really bad things to you.

EMF in Your Home

This will be a quick breakdown of what we discussed above, naming all the usual suspects. Exposure to EMF in your home comes from wireless communication devices such as tablets, cell phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices. If you have any smart devices (wireless) in your homes, such as a security camera or television, these are also EMF sources.

In addition to these sources, improperly-shielded electrical devices also can produce EMF, such as microwave ovens with incomplete or damaged shielding. However, there are also many problems with the wiring in your home to consider as well, which is commonly referred to as “dirty electricity”.

Dirty electricity results from changes in how the current in the wiring of your home or office is handled. The addition of converters, fluorescent lights, or electronic devices such as dimmer switches. The use of these devices can result in the production of voltage transients of high-frequency that remain in the wiring of your house and produce electromagnetic fields that are emitted through the walls.

The Affects of EMF Radiations 

There’s ample research and studies that suggest that EMF has several adverse effects on the human body. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared that the non-ionizing EMF radiation that falls under the radiofrequency range is a potential cause of cancer. 

The latest IARC assessment dating back to 2011 also found a link between exposure to RF to a higher chance of getting a malignant brain tumor. 

A study conducted in 2001, which is considered the most extensive research on the connection of EMF radiation from cell phones and cancer, tested the impact of cellphone radiation on the human body. 

The research was conducted among 5,000 people across 13 countries. However, the connection between the probability of brain tumors and exposure to high levels of EMF radiation from cell phones was found to be very slim. 

However, another study that assessed radiation exposure data and its impact on health for over 20 years found that people who had long-term exposure to extremely low-level frequency magnetic fields (ELF-EMFs) were at a much higher risk of getting affected with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

ELF-EMFs and Leukemia

The relation of these harmful radiations with Leukemia isn’t a new concept. A team of European scientists also found that long-term exposure to ELF-EMFs is also a significant cause of leukemia in kids. The study also confirmed that at least 1.5 to 5% of the total leukemia cases in children are caused by these EMF radiations.

Cancer isn’t the only health risk that exposure to EMF radiation poses. These harmful radiations are also known to cause neurological and cognitive disorders. There’s no concrete evidence that validates the link between EMF radiation and cognitive disorder. 

However, in a research review conducted on animals, EMF exposure was seen to increase the probability of cognitive disorder.

Types of EMF Exposure

EMF radiation is an umbrella term to address an array of radiations across the electromagnetic spectrum.

The two main categories of EMF radiations are:

High-Frequency EMF Waves

These waves have a direct damaging effect on cells and DNA because they belong to the ionizing radiation end of the spectrum. 

Examples include X-rays and Gamma rays.

Low & Mid-Frequency EMF Waves

This category of EMF waves consists of microwaves, radio waves, static fields, magnetic fields, visible light, and infrared waves. Since these waves don’t belong to the ionizing radiation end of the electromagnetic spectrum, they don’t directly affect human cells and DNA.

EMFs can be both natural as well as artificial. For example, the magnetic field of Earth is the biggest source of natural EMFs. However, fast-paced inventions have given rise to manmade EMF radiation exposure. These radiations are further classified into two types:

Extremely Low-Frequency EMFs (ELF-EMFs)

These radiations are generated by electrical appliances like electric blankets, hair styling tools, as well as electrical wiring, and electricity lines.

Radiofrequency Radiation

The biggest source of these types of radiation is wireless devices like laptops, tablets, and phones. Systems associated with the transfer of electromagnetic waves also play a huge role in releasing manmade EMF radiation. These systems include radar, satellite, radio, and television signal sender and receiver, and other devices.

EMF Outside Your Home

The installation of smart electrical meters, which makes usage sampling easier for the electrical company to monitor for the purposes of billing, are also wireless devices that emit EMF into your home. Add in local cell phone towers and the emerging 5G technology, which has higher energies and transmission rates for increased bandwidth and data compression, requiring closer spacing of 5G towers and their increased number, and you have more EMF being transmitted through your walls.

Noting that there are many sources of EMF to which you are routinely exposed, the use of shielding materials to reflect or disrupt some of this radiation can be very beneficial in reducing your overall exposure all while enjoying the benefits of technology. After having a look at all that is available (Q-link, Aires Tech, Aulterra, and others), we find that the EMF Harmonizer Home and Office kit by EMF-Harmony is the most comprehensive anti-EMF package we examined.

What is the EMF Harmonizer Kit?

The EMF Harmonizer Kit is essentially a package of different shielding materials that can be applied selectively to specific types of EMF sources in your home or office. Proper placement of these shielding materials will mitigate different sources of EMF in your indoor environment and each is tailored to a specific application.

What does the EMF Harmonizer Kit do?

If properly applied, the EMF Harmonizer Kit will reduce or eliminate EMF from different indoor sources. These targeted sources include WiFi, cell phone-based sources, smart devices, and home wiring locations where electromagnetic leaks are produced.

The kits come in several sizes with differing amounts of shielding materials for different applications so that you may tailor the shielding effects specific to your particular situation. The overall benefits of deploying these shielding materials is a blanket reduction in EMF exposure to you and your family.

What’s in the Box?

The EMF Harmonizer Kits consist of a mixture of large, thin metal plates (3.0 by 2.5 inch; 7.6 by 6.4 cm) and smaller, thin metal plates (2.25 by 0.5 inch; 5.7 by 1.3 cm). These plates are intended to be placed in the circuit breaker box and around outlets throughout the home.

All shielding plates have an adhesive backing to allow for firm application to surfaces. The kits also come with an extensive instruction manual, guiding the customer as to how the shielding plates should be placed and where they should go.

If there are questions or technical assistance is needed, EMF Harmony also provides good customer service at 720-443-3403 (US phone number) and a service email at

How does the EMF Harmonizer Kit Work?

EMF Harmony states that these shielding materials are not EMF blockers, so any wireless devices you have in your home will continue to function without disruption. The shielding materials act more as EMF radiation disruptors (neutralizers) as would a partial Faraday cage.

Getting down to the scientific nitty-gritty details, the proprietary shielding materials work by playing some tricks that employ quantum mechanics. Shielding materials initially absorb electromagnetic radiation during a storage phase, thereafter retransmitting the energies at different vibrational frequencies to the surrounding space.

The retransmitted frequencies act as an energy phase disruption signal that applies complete or partial destructive or constructive interference with other, local EMF radiation signals. The means by which these effects occur are actually poorly understood, as are many aspects of quantum physics, however, the effects produced are measurable and effective (see this link if you would like to read about their laboratory studies of these phenomena).

Sometimes it is better to know that something works rather than needing to understand why it works. For example, humans have been making magnets for quite some time, we know how to build them and use them, but the way they work is still not completely understood.

The metals used in the shielding materials (which, as we said, are proprietary, so who knows what is in them?) have been painstakingly developed through a combination of materials science, quantum theory, and good old-fashioned trial and error testing. The material combinations have been developed to target certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and energy signatures in human cells, termed bioelectric currents (you can read all about it here).

The company claims that the shielding will work to reduce EMF radiation from 5G signals as well as the older 4G and 3G signal bands. In addition, the materials function to reduce EMF from home WiFi routers either as standalone internet connections for your home computers or for those signals from smart devices.

The application of the shielding materials in the kit also works to mitigate EMF leakage from electrical power sources and helps to protect you and your family from signals generated by other WiFi sources nearby, such as from your neighbors. Further, the plates when charged generate negative and positive ions, which also helps to remove particulate matter from the air, thus improving indoor air quality.

How Many EMF Harmonizer Kits Will You Need?

The answer to this question is based entirely on how much shielding you want to employ. If you desire to cover all areas in your home, EMF Harmony has several kits in different sizes that are designed to protect different sizes of indoor space.

Large plates in the kit are intended to be applied to the inside center of your circuit breaker box or fuse box door, whereas the smaller plates are designed to be applied to electrical outlets. For special applications such as cell phone and WiFi router EMF direct mitigation, EMF Harmony offers their Harmonizer+ Kit with shielding materials designed specifically for these purposes.

The 1500 Kit is intended for areas of up to 1500 square feet (139 square meters) and contains one large plate and four small plates. The larger 2600 Kit will serve areas up to 2600 square feet (242 square meters) and contains one large plate and seven small plates.

For areas up to 3700 square feet (344 square meters), the 3700 Kit contains one large plate and ten small plates. Their largest kit, the 4800 Kit, will cover areas up to 4800 square feet (446 square meters).

If you have an indoor area greater than 4800 square feet, EMF Harmony offers a Home and Office Singles Kit that can be purchased for each additional 400 square feet (37 square meters) of coverage needed. In some locations, such as apartments, tenants may not have direct access to the circuit breaker box or fuse box.

For those situations, EMF Harmony recommends the following solutions: For areas up to 1000 square feet (93 square meters), use four Home and Office Singles Kits and purchase additional Home and Office Singles Kits for each extra 375 square feet (35 square meters) of apartment space.

What Can Affect the Performance of EMF Harmonizer Shielding?


EMF Harmony does a great job of explaining how and where their shielding materials should be placed for optimum performance. The large plate is the simplest to figure out since it is simply affixed to the inside center of the circuit breaker box door (or fuse box door).

The shielding materials sticker should face the circuit breakers (or fuses) when the door is closed. A very basic and easy task to complete. For the smaller plates, a basic survey of the location of wall outlets around your home is necessary to select sites for correct shielding plate placement.

The smaller plates should be affixed to wall outlets on the outer walls of the indoor space. If your home or apartment has several floors, small plates should be placed on outlets on opposite walls of each story.

For example, if you have two floors, affix the small plates to outlets on the north and east walls on the first floor and apply plates to outlets on the south and west walls of the second floor. If you live in an apartment and do not truly have more than one real outer wall, treat each wall with small plates on the wall outlets as if they were free-standing walls.

These are the minimum recommendations for shielding placement, however, if you wish to go further, additional plates can be placed on wall outlets on interior walls as well. Just be certain to space the placement of shielding plates evenly for good coverage.

According to EMF Harmony, it is not necessary to ensure that any more or less smaller plates are affixed to outlets near any wireless devices or arranged as such in locations where you spend a lot of time. Even distribution of plates will provide better coverage, regardless of the location of EMF-emitting devices in your home or office.

About the Life Harmony Energies (Who are These Folks, Anyway?)

We would like to tell you a little bit about the company Life Harmony Energies LLC, which produces the EMF Harmony Life products. The company was founded in 2013 by Marin Grosjean in Boulder, Colorado to provide wellness products using a naturopathic approach to good health.

The company was concerned about the ubiquitous nature of electromagnetic radiation in our everyday environment, which is and will continue to increase. They felt that people were essentially playing with fire, however, they acknowledged that the technology and information revolution was not going away anytime in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, they saw a great need to produce and distribute products that would provide protection for consumers while they continue to enjoy the benefits of connectivity in the information age. Life Harmony Energies in partnership with a European company that has over 20 years of experience producing electromagnetic radiation shielding and protection materials, the products of which are used widely in Europe.

For some reason – likely relating to protected trade secret information regarding the construction of their various products – the name of the European partner is not disclosed by the company. We could take a few guesses as to the identity of this secret partner company, but those would be guesses only and we do not want to mislead any of our readers.

FAQs About Faraday Cages

With all this talk about electromagnetic radiation shielding and Faraday cages, some readers may question whether or not this stuff is real and does it really work. Well, we can attest personally to that question by saying yes, electromagnetic shielding does work.

Shielding materials are used routinely in a variety of industrial, scientific, and medical applications around high energy devices that require such shielding for safe use. For example, the MRI machines you see in hospitals contain copper plates and copper foil applied to the inside of their housings to not only protect patients but also the technicians who must work beside these machines day after day.

One of our team actually used to do electrophysiological measurements of small electric current in cells and had to work inside of a Faraday cage to prevent outside electromagnetic radiation from swamping out these minute signals. If EMF shielding can work in these applications, a little in your home will certainly be effective.


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