The Blue Tube Headset

The Blue Tube Headset

The Blue Tube Headset

The Blue Tube Headset
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A good headset can provide a lot. They make it easy to engage in other tasks while talking on the phone or listening to music, and you can typically use them with a number of different devices. Movies, music, phone calls and more can be enjoyed through the ideal headset.

What sets this headset apart is that it’s also designed to prevent EMF radiation problems through the use of a unique design as well as simply helping to keep your phone away from your head. Let’s dive into what you can get and what you can avoid when you choose to use a blue tube headset.

Cellphone Radiation

With the rapid progress that seems to exist in technology today, you may be concerned about the effects that technology may have on your health. This includes things like radiation from wireless devices like cellphones.

Generally, the non-ionizing radiation used by these devices is deemed to be safe, but it’s not entirely certain what effects may occur with long-term use and the ever-increasing power these devices use. As a result, seeking out products that can help with keeping the radiation away can be pretty useful. One such example lies with the blue tube headset we’ll be talking about here.

Keeping Your Phone Away

One of the key methods for keeping radiation at bay comes with maintaining a safe distance from things like cellphones and other wireless devices. Those who are concerned about this radiation may choose to use headsets or a speakerphone rather than hold the device close to their face.

Furthermore, storing a cellphone in a bag when it’s not in use can also be a decent idea. Even when it isn’t being used, these devices can still emit Wi-Fi signals, so you may choose to avoid having that emitted radiation too close to your body for the sake of safety.

The Blue Tube Headset

The Blue Tube Headset
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A blue tube headset is one that you may be interested in if you’re looking for ways to keep your radiation levels low. It offers a special design with hollow tubes, made to make hearing easy without having to worry about things like Bluetooth potentially raising radiation levels.


The design of this headset exists to help you with maintaining lower EMF levels, avoiding radiation close to your head and face. It’s made to avoid radiation from the phone itself as well as what may be able to travel through the wires of other kinds of headsets.

Using Distance

This headset can make for a helpful way to avoid having the phone too close to your face. For those who are concerned about radiation, it’s an ideal choice to keep that radiation at a safe distance. In addition, the materials used are designed to help make this headset a healthier choice overall.

Hands Free

In addition to keeping radiation away, using this headset is a great way to keep your hands free. That means, you can use your hands for other things without affecting your ability to have a conversation or enjoy some music.


You can use this headset with a wide range of different devices, aside from your cellphone. When you want to watch something on your tablet or laptop, these can work there as well. Even devices like MP3 players and CD players that don’t use Wi-Fi can be used with this headset. As a result, you can get plenty of value from this product.


Noise Isolating

Many who try out this headset find that the earplugs do a fantastic job of keeping outside sounds from disturbing their music or conversation. While this device doesn’t use noise-canceling, it does help to isolate the sounds you want to hear and block others out. As a result, you’ll get a more efficient experience.

Great Sound

This headset is able to offer clear, pleasant sound, making it great for conversations and listening to music. Naturally, this is something that people want when they’re looking for a quality headset, regardless of the type or other features they want to be included.


Another important aspect that customers are often searching for is comfort. The good news is that this headset offers a variety of sizing options, allowing you to get the right fit. That way, whether you’re riding the bus to class or going for a jog, the ear pieces will fit comfortably and stay in place.


Quality Issues

There are some customers finding that this type of headset can begin having some problems after just a few months. In some cases, one of the ear pieces may stop working, while in others the ear pieces may start to break. This is worth keeping in mind while you’re shopping for a quality headset.

Microphone Troubles

Although the sound tends to work decently well on this headset, some can discover that the microphone isn’t quite as capable. People on the other end of the line may find that the person speaking with the microphone is hard to understand, which can lead to frustration on both ends.

Volume Control

Another issue that can pop up involves the volume. There can be a struggle with controlling the volume level. As a result, it can be tough to hear music or those on the other end, especially when you’re out in public, going for a jog or otherwise in a place that isn’t entirely silent.


Overall, this is a decent option for those who are deeply concerned about radiation from their cellphone. It’s worth keeping in mind that as with any product, you should do plenty of research about the options available before making a choice.

This headset offers great sound, a comfortable fit and a unique design that many enjoy. However, keep in mind that there can be some issues with quality as well as the microphone. Make sure that you do plenty of comparisons as you’re shopping, and take a look at customer reviews to make sure this is the ideal product for you.

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