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Defender Shield Product Reviews 

EMF Radiation Protection Blanket

The EMF Radiation Protection Blankets are a generous size (two to choose from) and are very soft and comfortable to use. Even though it contains metallic fibers to protect against EMF, do not think that it is like wearing a wrap of metallic mylar.

The blanket is also rather warm, which is what ideally you want in a blanket. There is nothing like covering up with a warm blanket to read a good book by the fire, knowing all along that you are also shielded from electromagnetic radiation.

With all the hype about 5G coming out (in some places, the technology has already been deployed), many people are concerned about the health effects of this new technology. Although 5G is purported to be completely safe, from our perspective it is better to be safe now than sorry later.

DefenderShield has tested this product and asserts that it will block 99% of all incoming EMF up to 10 GHz frequencies, as well as 98% of extremely low frequency (ELF) radio signals, which is more than enough to shield you from standard WiFi, Bluetooth, electrical sockets and appliances, as well as 5G signals. The EMF Radiation Protection Blanket is made from hypoallergenic organic bamboo fiber, so you can feel good about the cloth coming from a durable but environmentally-sustainable source.

The blanket comes in two sizes to suit your needs: a small, personal-sized 35” by 36” blanket (standard; 89 by 91 cm) and a larger 53” by 75” blanket (full; 134 by 190 cm), which is perfect for two or for use as a comforter for your bed. Since EMF has been reported to potentially disrupt proper sleep hygiene, nothing beats the comfort of knowing you will be sleeping under a shield of EMF protection all while staying warm.

The smaller blanket is also a great gift for small children, pregnant women who are concerned about shielding (also see the other pregnancy product below for more options), or for comfort during airline or bus travel. Both blanket sizes come in a neutral blue-grey with piping on the edge seam for a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

To boot, the blankets come with a full 1-year warranty so if it starts to come apart, DefenderShield will replace it with a new one.

How does it work?

We would just say, “Hey, it’s magic”, but there is actually quite a bit of science behind how this blanket works. The bamboo cloth is interwoven with a mesh of proprietary alloy which likely contains silver and acts as a form of Faraday cage, absorbing and reflecting EMF signals from the cloth.

DefenderShield has tested all their products, including this one, through an FCC-certified laboratory (US Tech out of Alpharetta, Georgia) that has validated their effectiveness. The full testing reports are even publicly-available on the DefenderShield website.

With metals in it, can I wash it?

The answer to that question is yes. What kind of blanket would it be if you could not wash it?

DefenderShield recommends that the blanket be hand-washed in cold water with mild soap as you would use for delicate garments and clothing for infants. The blanket should be hung to dry (no dryers or it will destroy the integrity of the shielding material).

However, all this cleaning can mostly be avoided by using a duvet cover with the blanket to keep it clean. The addition of a cover has no net effect on the ability of the blanket to provide shielding, so go for it.

Pregnancy EMF Radiation Protection Baby Belly Band

The Pregnancy EMF Radiation Protection Baby Belly Band is a soft, tube-like garment that covers the abdomen and is made from a blend of cotton and organic bamboo. Like other DefenderShield products, the band has been tested and will shield you and your unborn child from 99% of EMF radiation, up to 10 GHz frequencies, while worn or being used as a cover.

This shielding range will protect you and your child from all sources of EMF including Bluetooth, WiFi, and 5G. It will also shield you from EMF produced by appliances in your home, such as microwave ovens, smart televisions, and other wireless radiation sources.

The Baby Belly Band is a very comfortable garment and since it is a bamboo-cotton blend, it is very breathable (a big and important issue with pregnant women). You will not even realize you are wearing it.

The band is a one-size-fits-all garment that has an adjustable elastic waistband with a button at the top, so it can be fitted to women of any size and re-sized as you progress through your pregnancy. The full circumference of the belly band is 44 inches (112 cm) and will comfortably fit sizes from US 2 to 10 (consult a dress-sizing chart if you need to convert to European or Asian dress sizes).

The belly band is very stretchy and sewn with ruching, which is a technique that produces pleats so that the garment conforms snugly to your shape. The Baby Belly Band will function perfectly well whether you wear it under or over the clothing.

How does the Baby Belly Band work?

The Baby Belly Band is made of similar cloth to other DefenderShield products and is interwoven with proprietary metallic alloy fibers, likely containing silver which is excellent shielding material. It is like wearing your own Faraday cage.

As with DefenderShield’s Protection Blanket, shielding garments are most effective when wrapped around the body. With the Baby Belly Band, simply wearing it as designed will create a complete Faraday cage and provide complete EMF shielding.

How do I fit the garment?

To use the Baby Belly Band, simply step into it like you would a dress or pull it down over your head and across your abdomen. A little tug on the elastic strap on the right side of the garment (it has a facing, so put the front to the front) will reduce the circumference of the band and can be secured in place with a button on the top.

Can I wash the Baby Belly Band?

Yes. Like other fabrics in the DefenderShield line, the Baby Belly Band can be hand-laundered with a mild soap in cold water. Using a washing machine, even on the gentle cycle, is not recommended as the shielding materials can be damaged by too much mechanical agitation.

Use any mild soap that you would normally use for washing delicate garments or clothing for small children. The band should be hung to dry since a dryer will also damage the shielding materials.

DefenderPad Pillow Memory Foam Cushion

This is a fun and functional product. When you are on the go, sometimes you cannot always find a convenient table on which to do some work, reply to an email, or just check the news while waiting for a flight.

The DefenderPad Pillow Memory Foam Cushion is an ergonomic portable lap desk that interfaces with DefenderShield’s DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shield product. The pillow is 11 by 16 inches (28 by 40.6 cm), perfect for any size laptop, even the big 17-inches.

The pillow must be used with the DefenderPad laptop shield since it has no EMF shielding capability of its own. Think of it as an accessory product to increase the functionality of the laptop shield and make travel life just a bit easier.

The surface of the pillow is made of an anti-slip foam so your laptop will be secure and not fall off while using it. Despite being a foam, the pillow is very good at heat dissipation, so do not worry about your machine overheating.

DefenderShield offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on the pillow and also offers a 100% 1-year warranty on the product.

So, why would I need this anyway?

Let’s face it, laptops are so-called because they were originally envisioned to be portable computers that you can use while they sit on your lap. For most practical purposes, this actually does not work well, which is why they are now referred to as “notebook” computers to get away from the old term.

Using a notebook on your lap usually means having to raise your legs slightly or go up on your toes to prevent it from slipping off. Also, this usually requires you to look down at an uncomfortable angle while typing or viewing the screen.

Extended use rather quickly becomes decidedly uncomfortable, which is why most people use notebooks on a desk or table. Otherwise, they gradually cook your legs as the battery heats up during use and it makes for a very unpleasant time.

Fortunately, this product is a great tool to put in your laptop bag for portable use. The memory foam of the DefenderPad Pillow conforms to your legs and will not slip off easily.

The pillow is three-inches thick (7.6 cm) and the foam is rather firm, so it can raise your laptop to a height that is more optimal for both typing and comfortably viewing the screen. The memory foam also protects your legs from heat produced by the laptop, but do not worry about your machine overheating.

The DefenderPad Pillow is covered with mesh venting to assist in heat dissipation. The cover can also be removed and hand-washed, if necessary, to get at those coffee stains and pretzel crumbs accumulated during your airline adventures.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that the pillow comes with a handle so it can also be conveniently carried. A great addition to this product would be if it doubled as a padded laptop case (Well, maybe in the next version, who knows?).

Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Holster

Many people have read all about the dangers of microwave radiation exposure resulting from cell phone use. Despite industry and regulatory agency assertions (the latter of which is divided, if you read through the reports), cell phones in their current configuration are still loosely regulated devices where human health is concerned.

Most of us would not give up our cherished information companion on a maybe, but there is growing concern that unforeseen dangers exist from long-term cell phone use. As a result, a whole host of shielding products have come on to the market to address these concerns.

One such product is the Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Holster. Now, before you start to get squeamish about wearing a fanny pack (not that those are not helpful pieces of personal accouterment), it’s not a fanny pack.

The cell phone holster is a slim, unassuming pouch that sits on your hip to carry your cell phone and peripherals. It is also an EMF shield, which is very important for reasons we detail below.

As with any personal wear, convenience is a big issue with most folks. They want something that is not a hassle to use or to put on.

The Radiation Protection Holster has several shielding layers and will block approximately 99% of EMF radiation at frequencies up to 10 GHz. That is enough shielding to protect against even the new 5G transmission bands.

Keep in mind, this holster is not blocking EMF from 5G towers. That is not how it works.

Cell phones, however, maintain a reach-out signal at all times when they do not have an established connection to cell phone towers. That means they are transmitting EMF radiation all the time unless they are powered down.

So, the holster will protect you while the active cell phone is close to your body. The Radiation Protection Holster is a decent size and can accommodate cell phones up to 6 inches in length (6.25 by 3.25 inches; 15.9 by 8.25 cm).

The holster has a magnetic closure and flexible elastic on the sides so it is easy to take the phone out or replace it. It sits high on the hip, so it does not interfere with sitting and is so slim the holster will not catch on any passing people or obstacles.

How does the Radiation Protection Holster work?

The Radiation Protection Holster is made with multiple layers of shielding fabric woven with DefenderShield’s proprietary alloy thread. This shielding material likely contains silver, a very good conductor, and electromagnetic shielding material.

The holster allows enough room around the flap so that the phone can be used while in the pouch, provided you have a set of wired or air tube earphones. By the way, DefenderShield also sells those air tube earphones, so go grab a pair for a complete safety package.

The main shielding material is built into the back of the holster where it sits next to your body, so if you were wondering whether you could receive calls while it is in the holster, you certainly can. 

Why do I need a shielded cell phone holster?

Noting that there may be (likely are) risks associated with modern, higher energy cell phones and your daily exposure, it is better to take precautions now and mitigate your risk rather than finding out later that it would have been a good idea to do, but it is then rather late for any positive benefits.

Think of it like this. Let us say, for example, you have a car with no brakes. Driving down a flat, straight road with no traffic, no problem. Brakes? Who needs them, right?

You haven’t needed them so far… until the situation requires them and you have no backup plan. Shielding is your backup plan.

A little bit of precaution applied now when you are told later that EMF cell phone exposure is a health hazard, will save you from the consequences of using those devices in an unprotected manner over the long haul.

Several studies have verified that the typical way people carry their cell phones, in their pants pockets, puts them at risk for reproductive system problems. Women are better protected than men since their plumbing, so to speak, is internal.

This is not the case for men and the usual carrying location for cell phones, pants pockets, put men at a greater risk of reproductive cancers, deformed sperm morphology, and reduced sperm counts. In short, more than a handful of reproductive complications can ensue from routinely storing your active, radio-emitting cell phone next to your privates.

With EMF, safety is all about distance or shielding. Even carrying your cell phone in a chest pocket puts it in close contact with organs in your body.

The solution is some form of convenient (the operative word) personal shielding. The Radiation Protection Holster will do that job and does so quite well.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Flex Series

Whereas our other reviews were for EMF shielding devices or accessories meant to be used with such devices, this review is about a very useful, and very cool-looking, accessory for the active or latent technophile in you.

This product is perfect for the urban or suburban hipster, or anyone really who wants to look cool. This is just one product in an entire line of glasses offered by DefenderShield, which are available in a variety of color palettes and there is certainly one for every person.

The Flex Series blue light blocking glasses is modern-looking and comfortable, with wide lenses for a greater viewing area. The frames are made from durable and flexible TR90 polymer and the lenses are made from CR90 polymer, which is very scratch- and shatter-resistant.

There is also an anti-smudge coating in case you pick them up the wrong way and get French fry grease on them during lunchtime use. This coating also doubles as an anti-glare layer, so you will not catch glints off of lamps or sunlight.

Depending on the electronic device you are using and its screen size and brightness, all microelectronic device screens emit light frequencies that can interfere with good sleep patterns. Our brains have developed the ability to monitor light levels and colors over the day through a couple of nuclei in the hypothalamus to prepare us for bedtime.

Viewing these light frequencies throughout the day and into the evening hours fools our brain into believing that it is still daytime. To put it in simple terms, as colors and light levels change throughout the day, the potential that is built up in the hypothalamus is then released when we try to go to sleep.

Failing to build that potential can interfere with the induction of stage 3/4 sleep states and cause us to wake repeatedly lengthening what is termed as the wake time after sleep onset (WASO) interval. Repeated interruption of sleep induction results in poor sleep hygiene or even flat out insomnia, which increases your stress as you look at the clock and measure how many hours you have left to squeeze in some shut-eye before you have to get up the with kids or head out to the office.

Preserving the build-up of that potential will allow you to sleep normally even while using your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

What does blocking blue light do for me?

Blue light is that “hey, it’s daytime” signal that your brain receives to drive wakefulness. It is the light bandwidth our brains most strongly associate with daytime hours.

Flex Series glasses (and others in the DefenderShield line) can block 50-99% of blue light emitted (depending on the lens color you choose) from illuminated screens and allow your brain to build the potential for sleep over the day. Failing to block blue light while viewing electronic screens can interfere with good sleep, as well as contribute to eye-aging, eye strain, and dry eyes.

It can also contribute to viewing fatigue and headaches in some people. By the way, if you are a gamer, these things are great.

The glasses will help you focus down on that next raid and not get eye strain if it turns into a big grind. So, care for your eyes and look cool while doing it by picking up a pair or two.

DefenderShield Tablet/iPad Case Review

I won’t dive into this one too much, as it is not too much different from the cell phone cases. This isn’t a product I own, but I do think it is a really smart product. I can see the DefenderShield tablet case being sort of a must purchase if you have kids that are using a tablet often. The amount of cumulative radiation a case like this would prevent is massive.

After reading through quite a few reviews online, people’s overall reactions were really positive. A few people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) said that they were finally able to actually use their tablets.

They have two different sizes, a 7-8 inch and a 9-10 inch. These will fit most tablets, but I would check the dimensions to make sure. I know that the smaller size nicely fits an iPad mini, and the larger size will nicely fit a normal iPad, other than that I would just check out the listing.

Improvements That Could Be Made

Again, I do not own this product, so I’m just writing what I see as collective issues based on the many reviews I read. It seems that the largest complaint is in the elastic corner bindings that hold the tablet. Since the DefenderShield tablet pad is meant to fit many different devices, which is nice, there is the issue that occasionally the elastic bands get in the way of some of the buttons.

People also mentioned that depending on the size of the devices, there was a tendency for the tablet to pop out of the bindings on occasion.

DefenderShield ConcealShield EMF Protection Travel Pouch Review

This is a really unique and interesting product. The conceal shield mixes the EMF protection of a cell phone case, the RFID of the wallet, and has the ability to completely block EMF or wireless signal if you want something like your phone completely off the grid.

The primary pouch, they say, blocks RFID, Mobile, GPS, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and pretty much everything else. So you can place your phone, your credit cards, your passport, your ID, or anything else you want to keep safe inside the primary pouch.

A cool feature of the ConcealShield that I personally like, is that there is an outer pocket that you can put your phone in, and you’ll still get the EMF protection you’d expect from the cell phone cases, but it can still receive a signal so you won’t miss calls or texts.

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