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What Is EMF Protection?

EMF protection devicesThese days we all carry around a variety of personal electronic devices. Yet we really don’t know exactly the kinds of damage they may do to us over the long haul.

No matter the source – cellular phones, fitbits, tablets, or laptops – they all give off different types of radiation. The abbreviation EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is a catchphrase that includes Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency (RF), and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Our goal here at EMF Risks is to look at forms of EMF protection that have been tried and tested.

Take RF radiation for example – the kind that comes from WiFi devices and also cell phone communications. Without proper EMF protection, this type of radiation can permeate our bodies and possibly cause us harm over time.

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What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields, or radiation, are popularly referred to as EMFs. Did you know that electromagnetic fields and radiation occur naturally in our environment? We’ve also developed artificial sources of radiation – all behind the garb of infrastructural development.

Consider the natural magnetic field of the earth, lightning, and plain old visible light. The sun has been emitting waves that generate EMFs, or radiation, since the beginning of time. We can observe the sun’s energy radiating out at the same time it emits EMFs. This is visible light. 

Electric power lines and interior lights were widely popular around the start of the twentieth century. Scientists discovered that the power cables delivering all of that electricity to the world’s population were emitting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the same way the sun does naturally. 

Scientists have discovered that many new electrical gadgets produce EMFs over time. Much of the medical world’s diagnostic and treatment equipment, including imaging machines for X-rays and CT scans, were discovered to emit EMFs as technology evolved.

EMF is measured on a frequency spectrum spanning from low to high.

Why You Need Protection From EMF Radiation

We will go over some of the various ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation below. But the primary way to protect yourself is to keep potentially harmful devices as far from your body as possible. Keeping a safe distance away from radiation sources is the most effective way to avoid their negative effects. Using an EMF meter will help you measure that radiation on devices around your home.

Measuring the EMF radiation around you will help you find the best EMF protection for your specific needs. If you have a high level of EMF radiation in your home, you will need higher levels of protection. 

The best EMF protection will vary from household to household and it all depends on how many volts per meter of radiation you have surrounding you on a daily basis. You may be surprised to learn of the items located in your immediate vicinity that emit the highest levels of radiation. 

Distance is the main reason strong sources of EMF like cell towers and power lines are not as much of a threat. But with smaller devices that emit electromagnetic radiation the risk is increased because they are kept next to – or even pressed against – our bodies.

Then, you can use the best PEMF devices to protect yourself. Alternatively, if you’re in a colder climate, check out our infrared heating pads reviews here!

EMF Radiation Symptoms

Everyone has different tolerances for various levels and types of radiation, and factors like age and weakened immune systems can impact how you are affected. Some studies of people with hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields have observed the following symptoms to varying degrees among those affected:

  • Symptoms of the nervous system like stress, tiredness, and problems sleeping
  • Symptoms in the skin, such as burning or prickling sensations, or even rashes
  • Symptoms in the eyes, such as a burning sensation
  • Pain in various parts of the body, such as aching muscles
  • Uncommon symptoms like digestive problems, and irritation of the ears, nose, and throat

The symptom severity varied greatly from case to case. However, in some instances they were so severe the hyper sensitive individuals were hindered from normal life activities.

EMF Radiation & Cancer

There have been a number of studies done researching the link between EMF radiation and various forms of cancer. A large portion of that research has focused on cancer in children – specifically leukemia and brain tumors, which are the two most common cancers in children.

According to the National Cancer Institute, some of the studies found a correlation between EMF and increased incidences of cancer in kids, and others had mixed results. As a parent of four children, there is enough in those studies to make me concerned, and to spur me on to take proactive steps to protect my family.

Sources Of EMF Radiation

There are some sources of EMF radiation that are natural. The earth’s electrical magnetic field, for example, is the force that causes your compass needle to point north. But it is the man-made sources that are more of a concern.

Extreme low frequency EMFs come from sources such as power lines and electrical wiring within your home. They are also generated by certain electrical appliances like hair dryers, electric blankets, and even electric shavers.

Common sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation are wireless telecommunication devices, such as cellular phones, and portable devices with WiFi like laptops and tablets. Other devices like microwave ovens, cordless phones, and screens for televisions and desktop computers will also generate radio frequency radiation.

With all of these household sources, the magnetic field levels are the highest close to the source of the field, and then decrease as you move away from the source. Magnetic field levels fall off significantly at a distance of approximately one foot from most appliances. With computer screens the drop off distance is a little more – around twelve to twenty inches. But with the advent of laptops the source of potentially harmful radiation is a little too close for comfort.

EMF Avoidance 

The good news is that reducing your exposure to EMFs is quite simple. You can reduce both the exposure amount and duration by the following methods.

Keep EMF Sources at a Safe Distance

If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, put it somewhere that isn’t too close to where people spend the most time. Avoid carrying a cell phone in your pocket since these gadgets emit radiation even when not in use. 

Avoid standing in front of a microwave while using it. You may reduce the exposure levels by creating more space between you and the source.

Switch Your Microwave

Swapping your microwave for a toaster oven is one of the best ways to make a big difference in your house. The difference is that a toaster uses convective heat instead of electromagnetic fields at a low frequency. 

Turn Off Wireless Functions

Wireless devices including printers, routers, laptops, and tablets emit EMF. Disable the Wi-Fi feature on your gadgets whenever possible. When using a computer, connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi and set the device to airplane mode. 

Turn on Wi-Fi only when essential to limit your EMF exposure. Some gadgets, like your wireless keyboard, headset, and mouse, only work while they’re transmitting a wireless signal. You can replace these devices with wired versions to reduce EMF.

Make Sleeping Areas a Top Priority

Since we spend hours sleeping in the same room, we must protect ourselves from electromagnetic radiation while sleeping. Clocks, TVs, laptops, radios, sound machines, and mobile phone chargers all take up space that prevents our bodies from completely resting and recovering. 

If you can, make a place free of any technological gadgets. If you have a Wi-Fi router, ensure it’s turned off when you’re not using it. To decrease EMF exposure and conserve energy, switch cell phones off or put them on airplane mode. Keep in mind that in airplane mode, most cell phones will still function as alarm clocks. Remove any wireless gadgets from the sleeping area or disable their Wi-Fi capabilities.

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EMF Protection For Home

As mentioned above, there are a number of household items that contribute to EMF radiation. And while you could take the extreme solution of ridding your home of everything that causes EMF, it is unlikely you will because it would mean pulling all the wiring from your house and going off the grid.

For those of us not willing to ditch our microwave ovens and cook over an open flame, there are other options that will offer levels of protection from the appliances and devices that are potentially harmful. Some are designed to target specific areas of your home, while others work with certain types of devices.

EMF Protection Products

One type of EMF protection device that aims to defend you against radiation generated by your home’s electrical wiring is an EMF Neutralizer Plug. These devices plug into an electrical outlet, and then claim to “re-tune” your wiring to render any EMF from your wiring harmless.

Another type of device (like this eLink EMF Neutralizer) is designed to provide localized protection within a certain radius. Simply place it near your WiFi router or other source of EMF radiation, and the manufacturer says it will protect an area of up to 1500 square feet. Personally, I am a little skeptical on the effectiveness of this device. The reviews for it are mixed.

EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

For those especially sensitive to the negative effects of EMF radiation, sleeping can often be difficult. If that is you, one solution may be an EMF shielding bed canopy. Although pricey, these systems can block EMF radiation that comes at you from all angles while you sleep.

For some of the better anti-emf canopies available, check out our page on the best emf bed canopy.

EMF Blocking Curtains

If a bed canopy is too expensive, a cheaper alternative may be to use EMF Blocking Curtains. These curtains – or often curtain liners – can help protect your room from harmful EMF radiation coming in from the outside.

Or, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can fashion your own anti-EMF curtains using EMF Blocking Material and sewing it into curtains, bedding, or other types of fabric items including clothing. There are a number of manufacturers providing material, but not all are created equal. This one from Amradield is made from 100% silver fiber, which allows it to block about 99.999% of EMF radiation. You can’t get much better than that!

Amradield 100% Silver Fiber Fabric Radiation EMF Protection Material Silver Conductive Fabric for Shielding Cage Sold by 80'x59' inch Soft and Washable
46 Reviews
Amradield 100% Silver Fiber Fabric Radiation EMF Protection Material Silver Conductive Fabric for Shielding Cage Sold by 80"x59" inch Soft and Washable
  • Surface Resistance: Below 0.1 ohm , Average Attenuation of 70 dB from 10MHz-18GHz.
  • RF/EMI/EMF/LF Blocking,Super Earthing/Grounding Fabric Anti-static/radiation/radiowave/microwave Shielding Electromagnetic Fabric.
  • Elastic Material Silver coated Nylon Tri-cot Fabric. Highly Electrically Conductive Silver/Nylon Fabric Very Soft and Flexible. Hands Washable in Cold or Warm Water with a Neutral Detergent. No Bleach!
  • Size: fabric width is about 150cm and sold by 2m long. If you order more than 1 pieces and need the continuous length please tell us.You can send us amazon message. Thank you.
  • Usage for Garments, Drapes, Bedding, Curtains,Tents,etc.Effective Shielding for CellTowers,Microwave Signals,Phones,Smart Meters,Security Systems, Radar, Military Broadcast, etc and More. Making Anti-static Cloth, Wireless Meter Shielding, E-textiles, Shielding Curtain, EMP and EMI Radiation Reduction. High-shielding Conductive Fabric for Blocking RF Signals Such as Cell, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS. As an Insert in the Wallet or Handbag to Protect Your Credit Cards from Data Theft.

EMF Protection Clothing

For those with EMF hypersensitivity who aren’t into sewing their own clothes, there are attractive and comfortable EMF protective clothing options available. Manufacturers are fashioning everything from shirts to underwear and other undergarments that are designed to protect you from unwanted EMF radiation.

For a detailed review type of anti-EMF clothing available, check out our page on EMF shielding clothing.

Most of these clothing items utilize a silver-nylon blend to protect you from EMF radiation. But the percentages of silver vary from one article to the next, so be sure to read the details before picking one.

And EMF protective clothing isn’t limited to just shirts and underwear – several clothing companies also make attractive hats to protect you from EMF radiation:

EMRSS EMF Hat - Head Cap Shielding RF EMF 5G from Cell Towers Smart Meters
178 Reviews
EMRSS EMF Hat - Head Cap Shielding RF EMF 5G from Cell Towers Smart Meters
  • Made with high quality material in order to block EMF. The cap is completely shielded, it reduces EMF by 99.9% (47dB average)

EMF Protection For Cell Phones

One of the most prolific sources of harmful EMF radiation is the cell phone. Due to our dependence on smartphones as a society, almost everyone is carrying an EMF radiation generator with them for every waking moment of the day.

The solution to that is a cell phone EMF protector. These protectors come in a variety of styles, and can effectively shield you from the harmful effects of your phone while allowing you to stay connected to the world.

DefenderShield Travel Faraday Pouch for Cell Phones, Passport - Ultra Armor ConcealShield Blocks RFID, GPS, 0-90 GHz - Military-Grade Data Security and Privacy Complete Wireless Signal Blocking
67 Reviews
DefenderShield Travel Faraday Pouch for Cell Phones, Passport - Ultra Armor ConcealShield Blocks RFID, GPS, 0-90 GHz - Military-Grade Data Security and Privacy Complete Wireless Signal Blocking
  • ✅ ONLY 0-90 GHZ MILITARY-GRADE FARADAY SIGNAL BLOCKING BAG → Custom-Developed Ultra Armor Shielding Technology blocks all incoming and outgoing wireless signal transmissions from electronic devices (US Tech, 10/2012), including RFID, NFC, Cellular +5Gen, GPS, WiFi, Radio, Bluetooth, EMP, and UTS (Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance) for ultimate data privacy.
  • ✅ ULTIMATE PROTECTION FROM CYBERATTACKS → Anti-theft technology helps secure data of trackable electronic devices like cell phones, credit cards, passports, and more. Anti-spying technology helps stop radio frequency hacking and tracing to keep personal or confidential information private.
  • ✅ TESTED & CERTIFIED TO BLOCK EMP ATTACKS → Preserves the working integrity of electronic devices and is MIL-STD-461G certified for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment.
  • ✅ PREMIUM DESIGN → High-quality, durable nylon exterior resistant to wear. Top interior pocket has VELCRO and snap closure to be completely signal-proof. Adjustable cross-body Strap. Zippered back pocket and front mesh pocket provide extra storage.
  • ✅ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR CELL PHONES & ELECTRONIC DEVICES → Use with Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, ZTE, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Alcatel, or any other electronics.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus RFID EMF Blocking Wallet Cell Phone Case (Black)
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SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus RFID EMF Blocking Wallet Cell Phone Case (Black)
  • LAB TESTED PROTECTION - FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology embedded in front flap blocks up to 99 percent of EMF cell phone radiation; The SafeSleeve EMF protection cell phone case for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus wallet case keeps you and your information safe.Military grade shielding integrated into the front flap
  • MILITARY GRADE SHIELDING - Integrated into the front flap, SafeSleeve's EMF Radiation Protection cell phone case includes the latest cellular radio frequency blocking technology, each iPhone case features robust material as a protective blocker against RFID thieves and EMF Radiation.
  • BUILT-IN WALLET - Put that EMF protection cell phone case to use with a RFID blocking full wallet; the card holder area carries up to 4 credit or business cards, plus room for cash and additional documentation to keep safe.
  • BUILT-IN STAND - Use your EMF Protection SafeSleeve's built-in kickstand to quickly prop up your phone for reading, video, and movie watching; if you've got a flat surface nearby, you can use your phone handsfree. Radiation protection for cell phones just got easier.
  • VEGAN LEATHER - Rare among EMF protection cell phone cases, this vegan leather construction provides a rich, professional look while remaining clean of animal products; the perfect iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus case for men and women. Feel confident knowing you're using a stylish non-cruelty EMF protecting cell phone case.

SYB Phone Pouch, EMF Radiation Protection Sleeve, Regular
39 Reviews
SYB Phone Pouch, EMF Radiation Protection Sleeve, Regular
  • POWERFUL BODY PROTECTION: This anti-EMR phone holder from Shield Your Body offers powerful protection from electromagnetic field exposure emitted by mobile phones, reducing your body’s radiation exposure as much as 99%.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Our Pocket Patches are made with high-quality, comfortable, and hypoallergenic cotton, lined with gossamer-thin silver metal lining, making them a powerful EMF shield as well as conveniently machine washable.
  • EASY TO USE: Stick this protector patch in the pocket where you carry your phone or electronic accessories. It’s incredibly thin, so you won’t even notice it being there. You can use it in pockets on pants, skirts, shirts, and jackets. Also, since it already has strong and permanent adhesive, you won’t need any glue to use this product.
  • CUT TO SIZE: These protective Pocket Patches are customizable for men, women, and kids. Simply use scissors to cut them down to the proper size. They have universal compatibility for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other phones.
  • MACHINE WASH: Since the SYB Pocket Patch is machine washable, you won’t face any issues while washing your clothes with the pocket patch on them.

EMF Protection Stickers

Another solution to the problem of bad EMF radiation from portable electronic devices are EMF Protective Stickers. This small gadgets attach to your phone or tablet case and can block the harmful EMF output from your personal electronic device, and alleviate some of the symptoms it creates.

No products found.

EMF Protection Cell Phone Radiation Protection Device – Radiation Protection for All Electronic Devices - Cell Phone, Laptop, Smartpad - EMF Defender Protection Products EMF Shield for Phone or Case
223 Reviews
EMF Protection Cell Phone Radiation Protection Device – Radiation Protection for All Electronic Devices - Cell Phone, Laptop, Smartpad - EMF Defender Protection Products EMF Shield for Phone or Case
  • HIGH POWER PROTECTION - Don't trust just anyone with protecting your loved ones from harmful radiation. Radiation Glove has been extensively tested on hundreds of people with outstanding results. You simply have to try it to feel the difference!
  • SUPPORTS RELIEF FOR ALL YOUR MOST ANNOYING SYMPTOMS: Get headaches when using your phone too long? Sitting at computer all day? Feeling unexpected fatigue or agitation? Experiencing Brain Fog after sitting in front of your computer all day? Have insomnia or decreased libido? Our Anti Radiation Protection device is designed to harmonize the root of the problem, the harmful EMF radiation being emitted from your devices.  (Tesla EMF protection Computer radiation protection phone accessories bundle)
  • MADE WITH PREMIUM MATERIALS: The Radiation Glove utilizes specialized solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective coating to the distinct material of the Radiation Glove. The Radiation Glove's unique make-up is then able to be given specific interference signals or Energetic Infusions through a specialized process called Energic Infusion Technology almost like a recording on a cassette tape or DVD.
  • LOOKS AWESOME, EASY TO USE: Our Radiation Glove uses the best adhesive on the market, you will never worry about losing it. Stick it to the back of any of your devices - Phone, Laptop, Tablet, and forget about it!
  • QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Heaven's Energy is a Pittsburgh company run by real Americans. We have you covered for all your electronic EMF device needs!

EMF Protection For Laptops

As a programmer that works for myself, I spend extended periods of time with my laptop in my lap. There are some very sensitive areas in my lap – parts that I dearly want protected from harmful EMF radiation generated by my notebook computer. Thankfully, there are a number of Laptop EMF Protectors to keep my sensitive nether regions shielded. For a detailed list, check out our page on laptop shields.

EMF Protection Necklaces

Given the frequency that we have cellular phones and wireless headphones against our heads, having a layer of protection in that general vicinity makes sense. A good EMF protection necklace can help offset the effects of bad EMF radiation, and perhaps even alleviate some of the symptoms from negative energies. Check out our review of EMF Protection Pendant Necklaces for an in-depth look at the materials used and the types available.

Karelian Heritage Elite Shungite Pendant 0.011-0.020 lb | Minimalistic Black Crystal Jewelry | Defender Shield Protection Spiritual Necklace Raw Stone | Chakra Healing, Meditation, Grounding PE24
423 Reviews
Karelian Heritage Elite Shungite Pendant 0.011-0.020 lb | Minimalistic Black Crystal Jewelry | Defender Shield Protection Spiritual Necklace Raw Stone | Chakra Healing, Meditation, Grounding PE24
  • AUTHENTIC Our elite shungite pendants are made of real stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia. This is the only deposit in the world where such an amazing mineral is mined. We are originally from Karelia and have been specializing in Shungite since 2015.
  • UNIQUE AND POWERFUL You will receive a one-of-a-kind hand-picked elite shungite crystal. Elite shungite is the rarest shungite type with a higher concentration of carbon (up to 98%) and is at least two times more effective than regular shungite. Wear elite shungite pendant to be fully protected on a daily basis.
  • HEALING POWER Elite shungite stones are known for their strong healing power. Necklace activates biological healing points in our chest and head, protects us from negative energies, and restores our balance. Wear the necklace close to your skin to feel centered and grounded.
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE This pendant weighs only 7-10 grams (0.01-0.03 pounds) and the approximate size of the stone is about 1 inch (25 mm). It will arrive in original packaging with a business card. Order yours now from Karelian Heritage.

Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant (Original Black)
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Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant (Original Black)
  • Manufacturer direct listing + FREE 2-3 Day Shipping for USA orders
  • The Premier Pendant for Protection Against Negative EMF Effects
  • Package includes 1 brand new sleek, stylish, durable Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant made in USA + 30” comfort cord
  • Proudly worn by pro athletes, doctors, celebrities, creative minds, business professionals, musicians, yoga, fitness & outdoor enthusiasts, students, and others
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Ezina Designs - Metatron Orgonite Mixed Chakra Orgone Pendant with Adjustable Cord (Caduceus Chakra)
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Ezina Designs - Metatron Orgonite Mixed Chakra Orgone Pendant with Adjustable Cord (Caduceus Chakra)
  • This Orgonite Pendant features a unique Rainbow pattern with Caduceus representation in copper. The caduceus is a universal symbol of healing and protection. The pendant has layered gemstones that sit behind the coil.
  • 9 Grahas Chakra Reiki Infused Purified Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Black Tourmaline, Green Jade, Yellow Jasper, Moonstone, Carnelian, Red Jasper
  • Purification: These natural stones are purified by energizing Alaska Glacier water
  • Adjustable Cord: The pendant includes a free adjustable cord 18-22" in length. Cord is approximately 1.5” (40mm) in diameter
  • About Ezina Designs: We are an Alaskan-based company, and at Ezina Designs we believe in belief just as much as we believe in science.

EMF Protection Bracelets

Another type of personal EMF protection device is the EMF Protection Bracelet. There are a number of different types of these wristbands, and they utilize everything from Germanium to magnets to help counteract the effects of EMF radiation. Given the amount of time cell phones spend in our hands, having protection at your wrist might be beneficial. You can see our review of the best negative ion power bracelets, or see some of the popular ones available here:

Pachamama Essentials 8 mm Authentic Shungite Bead Bracelet Stretchy From Karelia Region Russia, Against EMR, EMF Protection
847 Reviews
Pachamama Essentials 8 mm Authentic Shungite Bead Bracelet Stretchy From Karelia Region Russia, Against EMR, EMF Protection
  • ✅ Beautifully polished shungite beads measure approximately 8 mm in diameter.
  • ✅ Listing is for one single bracelet measuring approximately 7.5"
  • ✅ WEARING SHUNGITE IS AN IDEAL WAY TO SEE ITS EFFECTS: In addition to shungite water and other shungite healing objects jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces balances your energy. Its suggested to charge it by washing it with cool water and leaving it in the sun to dry to see full effects.
  • ✅ EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION: In today's society it is impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields. Shungite can be used to block or diminish EMFs. Pendants, mobile phone stickets, pyramids and other shapes are commonly used for this purpose
  • ✅ Regular shungite polished beads bracelet for energy healing

Wallystone Gems Shungite Bracelet Arachne Black Brutal Style Adjustable for Men and Women
394 Reviews
Wallystone Gems Shungite Bracelet Arachne Black Brutal Style Adjustable for Men and Women
  • Shungite bracelet from Karelia, Russia. Design: Elegant, Strong Well-Designed Bracelet with Polished Shungite Square Beads. Bracelet Adjustable with durable smooth braided cord.
  • Triple weaving, shungite beads 12 mm. Black cord 2 mm. Clasp adjustable. Wrist size 7-8" inches, may be open to 12" for a comfortable adjustment. Easy fit.
  • Quality Shungite beads are made of Zazhoginsky deposit shungite. Beads are Manufactured and Processed on Modern Machine Tools.
  • It will be an interesting gift from you to show your attention and care for a loved one.
  • Wallystone Gems - A premium brand of shungite bracelet you know and trust.

No products found.

Karelia Creations Shungite Bracelet (Adult) - Protection Shield Blocker Energy Healing - Men, Women, Teens, Seniors (8mm Beads) College Bound Back to school gift idea
79 Reviews
Karelia Creations Shungite Bracelet (Adult) - Protection Shield Blocker Energy Healing - Men, Women, Teens, Seniors (8mm Beads) College Bound Back to school gift idea
  • All Shungite! This beautiful, stylish bracelet is made entirely of 100% authentic shungite beads for the ultimate protection. The bracelet is sized for average adult wrists (7.5-inch stretchy bracelet). Bracelet is handcrafted using our larger 8mm shungite beads on durable, double-strung elastic. Beads may vary slightly in size. An energy tool that should be worn daily for protection.
  • SHUNGITE BENEFITS - A powerful stone known for its naturally containing fullerenes. Scientists refer to fullerenes as the C60 molecule or “the molecule of the 21st century” because of its unique properties. They are used in everyday science and technology. With a quick search online, you will learn more about all the wonderful benefits of using shungite stones in your daily life.
  • ENHANCED POWER - 100% genuine Shungite from Russia (Karelia). All shungite products sold through Karelia Creations are saturated in colloidal silver so they carry an amplified field of protection unlike any other shungite products sold online. The silver is a natural conductor and helps the shungite to create a larger/stronger field of neutrality.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Our jewelry is handcrafted in the USA using quality materials for reliability and durability. We value our planet and always choose eco-friendly, recycled materials and minimal plastics. Our goal is to inspire humanity to live healthier in a digital age by using shungite to protect our bodies and the environment.
  • NATURALLY PERFECT - Real shungite is a natural stone. Don't be alarmed if you find trace minerals, such as quartzite or pyrite, sometimes giving the appearance of a crack (vein) or rust. The unique characteristics enhance the beauty of each piece. Don't fall for perfect "shungite," which is likely a manufactured imitation. Trust us. We've been specializing in Shungite since 2015. ★★ We only sell 100% GENUINE shungite sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA. ★★

EMF Smart Meter Protection

Another potential source of EMF radiation is your electrical meter. Thankfully, there are several kits available you can buy that will help you block that radiation.

Here is a YouTube video that walks you through blocking the EMF radiation generated from a smart meter:

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