How to Block Smart Meter Radiation With Ease

how to block smart meter radiation

Advancement in technology is aimed at making our lives more comfortable. However, some of these new technological developments can adversely affect our health in the long run. An example of such a device is the smart meter.

A smart meter makes electricity distribution more convenient but produces harmful radiation. You can protect yourself from the radiation by blocking it with tools like a smart meter guard, faraday canopy, and other protective gear we’ll discuss.

If you’re worried about your smart meter affecting your health, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you how to block smart meter radiation around your home and precautions for you to follow.

What Is a Smart Meter?

how to block smart meter radiation

A smart meter is an upgraded version of an analog meter. Smart meters read the amount of electricity consumed in your home and send this information to your power company. A smart meter lets you closely watch your power consumption and gives you an accurate idea of your electricity bill.

Smart meters are more common than analog meters, and you will find one in almost every home. Unfortunately, smart meters have been found to cause many harmful side effects in humans.

Digital meters operate with electricity and wireless transmission. Information regarding your power consumption is constantly transmitted to the power station around you via wireless transmission. The combination of electricity and wireless signals produces a lot of harmful radiation.

If you’re using a smart meter, you need to be worried about its effects in the long run. Many health complaints have been going around regarding smart meters, and you should make sure to protect yourself.

We’ve prepared a number of methods you can use to block the radiation coming from your smart meter. Some of these steps are easy to follow, and you can easily improvise with tools around your home.

How to Block Smart Meter Radiation

Use a Smart Meter Shield/Cover

A smart meter shield is the easiest way to block radiation coming from your smart meter and is also one of the most common methods. As the name suggests, it is a shield that completely covers your meter and prevents radiation from escaping into your home.

Most smart meter shields are made with stainless steel because steel absorbs radiation. Note that there are two types of shields: reflective and absorbent shields. Absorbent shields are the best because they completely absorb the radiation, and there is no risk of you being exposed.

If you use a reflective shield, the RF waves will still exist, and there is a chance they will be reflected in your home. To be safe, go for a shield made with absorbent materials.

Furthermore, a smart meter cover can protect you from EMF and RF radiation. You can make a shield if you have the tools — the important thing to note is: don’t leave space. Radiation can escape if there is a space or hole in your shield.

You can also get smart meter shields online.

Use a Faraday Bed Canopy

how to block smart meter radiation

A Faraday bed canopy is another effective way to protect you and your family from smart meter radiation. A Faraday bed canopy looks like a mosquito net, and it also covers your bed entirely.

A Faraday canopy is a net-like mesh capable of blocking radiation. It is also made of metal like stainless steel and other radiation-resistant materials. You can use a Faraday bed canopy in all your rooms and stay protected all night.

Aside from smart meter radiation, a Faraday canopy can also block other RF and microwave frequencies. It is more effective to use a Faraday canopy because you can block multiple radiations at a time.

Protect the Area Behind the Smart Meter

For safety reasons, your smart meter is not expected to be inside your home. Aside from the harmful radiation your meter emits, it is also an electric and fire hazard. Your meter should be fixed on an outer wall furthest from your living space.

If your meter is fixed on an outer wall, you can easily take measures to curb radiation from getting inside. One effective measure is blocking the wall directly behind the meter. Harmful radiation from your meter can pass through the wall and into your house.

You can protect yourself by fortifying the wall directly behind the meter. You can fortify the wall by covering the other side with a stainless steel mesh or any other material that can absorb radiation. You can also use shielding paint, which has reflective properties that block radiation.

Before you make any adjustments to your wall, ensure that the wall can take it. Also, avoid making holes while working because radiation can pass through the holes.

Create a Smart Meter Shield

There is no perfect shape or structure for a smart meter shield. You can make your own smart meter shield if you don’t want to spend money. The important thing to note is that there shouldn’t be any space, and it should fit the meter properly.

To create a smart meter cover, you can use aluminum foil paper. Aluminum foil is great for absorbing smart meter radiation and is very easy to purchase.

EMF Shielding Bedding

how to block smart meter radiation

Another great way to block smart meter radiation is with an EMF shielding bedding. The bedding is made with materials that can reflect or absorb radiation. EMF shielding beddings are said to deflect up to 90% of wireless radiation.

These beddings are easy to get, and you can find them online or in stores. They are also available in different sizes, and you’re sure to get one that will fit your bed size perfectly. With this bedding, you can sleep soundly without worrying about radiation from your meter.

You can use the bedding with the Faraday canopy or any other methods to further reduce the harmful effects of radiation exposure.

Protective Clothing

When we say protective clothing, you might think of a full-body suit. Full-body suits protect you from radiation like those used in radioactive sites, but you can’t wear these around your home.

When we say protective clothing, we’re referring to regular cloth articles like your shirt, cap, hoodies, etc. You will be surprised to discover that there are regular clothing articles capable of deflecting radiation.

You can switch out your indoor clothes with these protective clothes, and you won’t look funny or out of place. Asides from clothes, there is also underwear designed to block radiation and tummy shields for women expecting babies.

Protect Your Windows

how to block smart meter radiation

The window is one of the main ways that smart meter radiation gets into your home. If radiation can enter your home through the walls, imagine how easily it can enter through an open window. If you haven’t protected your window yet, you should do so now.

Protective films can be used to safeguard your windows, and these films deflect radiation. There are different types of protective films — some are clear, while some are tinted. If you don’t want your windows to look tinted, you can go for the clear film.

However, dark or tinted films are more effective and still allow you to see outside.

Protective Blankets

Another way to block smart meter radiation is with a protective blanket. Protective blankets repel smart meter radiation and other electromagnetic field radiations. You can invest in this type of blanket for a peaceful radiation-free sleep.

Also, this blanket is a great choice if you have a baby at home. Babies are more susceptible to radiation effects and are at higher risks of harmful biological effects. You can use the protective blanket to protect your sleeping baby and avoid health complications.

Also, ensure your baby’s room is as far as possible from the smart meter.

Use an Analog Meter

The best solution to a problem is to eliminate the source of that problem. In this case, the source of our problem is the smart meter, and the problem is radiation. All the solutions we’ve mentioned above are for if you decide to stick to a smart meter.

You can decide to get rid of the smart meter altogether and settle for an analog meter. An analog meter doesn’t have a radiation problem because it doesn’t emit any radiation. Unlike a smart meter, it has to be read manually.

An analog meter doesn’t signal the electric company around you — instead, a representative comes down to read your meter.

An analog meter is the safest way to eliminate the radiation problem completely. However, some laws might prevent you from using an analog meter, as it is prohibited in some locations. Before you change your meter to analog, ensure you’re not violating any laws.


Smart meters have made monitoring our electricity consumption and bill easier. However, some dangerous radiation comes from a smart meter. This radiation is radio frequency radiation or RF radiation, and it can cause damage to your health after prolonged exposure.

We’ve shown you how to block smart meter radiation if you want to make your home safer. You can protect your home with any of the methods we’ve provided, and you can visit us here for more information. 

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