How to Protect Against 5G: Guide to Health and Technology

How to Protect Against 5G

Check any internet source and you’ll find heaps of data regarding the benefits of 5G; better connectivity, improved communication, and enhanced download speeds are now a necessity for many applications. Moreover, with the advent of IoT, AI, and other automation technology, the role of 5G has become even more integral. 

Because of so many obvious advantages of 5G, people tend to either ignore or underestimate the dangers it poses to our health. Even talking much about it raises some eyebrows as people tend to dismiss such discussions by calling them conspiracy theories. 

While we agree that rumors of 5G being an international conspiracy or the cause of Covid are quite absurd and must be ignored, there are some genuine health issues because of the high amount of EMF radiations 5G exposes you to.

How to Protect Against 5G

This article will address those genuine issues and teach you how to protect against 5G, so you can reap the countless benefits this technology offers – but not at the expense of your health.

A Brief Introduction to 5G and its Benefits

Before we start discussing the dangers of 5G, it’s important to describe what it actually is. By understanding the main concept behind this technology and its benefits, you’ll be able to realize how important 5G is for all industries and how it can’t be dismissed entirely. 

There are some dangers naturally, but you have to live with that and learn how to protect against 5G. Through understanding and care, you’ll be able to benefit from the technology without compromising on your wellbeing.

What is 5G?

5G is the latest global standard for wireless communication that uses radio waves to transmit information through a distance. The technology was launched in 2019 and offers faster transmission of data with the inherent capability to connect with more devices. 

The basic concept behind 5G communication is the same as its predecessors like 4G, and 2G. However, 5G offers enhanced bandwidth with better machine-to-machine communication and multiple wavelength spectrum bands. 

There are, however, some limitations. 5G signals can easily get distorted by obstructions like buildings, trees, and other landscape changes. The range is also not as high and the devices running on 5G use more power. 

These issues are trivial and were historically present for the previous standards, as well. Devices and their capabilities improved with time and the process will repeat in the case of 5G. 

The Benefits of 5G

5G is much more than faster internet. It offers greater machine-to-machine interfacing and is the integral driving force behind modern solutions that focus on efficiency and sustainability. 

Here are some of the major benefits of 5G and its associated technologies: 

1. Enhanced Automation in Every Industry

Concepts like IoT and Smart Factories improve productivity by removing human input from the process and rely on better communication between different machines. 5G is the best available communication medium that allows closed-loop control systems to gauge the performance of different components. 

It also facilitates the machines to maintain those systems in real-time to maximize productivity in various industries.

Smarter allocation of resources means that you use fewer energy units to perform the same tasks. This ultimately reduces the overall waste from the processes and reduces the amount of electricity and power they need from the grid. Less power means lower carbon emissions, which moves organizations towards attaining their sustainable and eco-friendly goals.

2. Improved Communications

Communication is an integral aspect of everyone’s life. The 5G network enhances the communication interface and allows seamless collaboration between people irrespective of their location. With Covid-19 forcing people to work from their homes and remote working on the rise in general, the importance of a stable and reliable communication method can’t be understated. 

3. Efficient Business Operations

We have already covered most of the business benefits of 5G in the automation sector, but 5G can help businesses even when they’re not working in an IoT infrastructure. Modern business operations are scattered around the globe and companies need to spend many resources on ensuring optimized operations everywhere. 

5G’s enhanced communication and reliable results can improve logistic networks, inform management staff about potential bottlenecks, and make it easy to track issues down the value chain. All of these benefits might not sound revolutionary as a stand-alone measure, but their combined effect can create all the difference for any business.

4. Improved Entertainment Platforms

Another excellent benefit of 5G is better entertainment avenues. With so many streaming platforms offering enhanced video quality movies using VR and AR, you’ll need a faster internet connection to keep up with the requirements.

How to Protect Against 5G

Gaming is another area where 5G can enhance the user experience. Most games today rely on internet connectivity for multiplayer modes and need to transmit a lot of data quickly for an immersive experience. Meeting these criteria is quite hard for simple 4G connections, but 5G can easily do it all and still have the capacity to stream a movie on the side.

5. Stable Connectivity

Another area where the infrastructure failed before 5G was the reliability of a connection. Wireless connections rely on transmission towers and each tower has its limits. In urban centers and other densely populated areas, the infrastructure used to fail because of high pressure on a single tower. 

5G networks come with the extended capacity to handle so much more than their predecessors. Now you won’t experience any loss in quality and speed even if there are many devices in the same geographical area. 

What Are The Dangers of 5G Technology?

Now that we’re aware of the basic concept behind 5G technology and its immediate benefits, let’s take a look at the main risks of this technology. The good thing is that you’re only exposed to these in small quantities and can reduce your vulnerability by taking a few simple measures. 

The hazards and risks you need to protect against are generally the same as any other communication; for instance, WiFi and cell towers. The real threat is not in the frequencies, bandwidth, or data – it’s EMFs. 5G signals also produce EMFs which have various effects ranging from insomnia to some other serious conditions.

Although the amount of EMF radiations you’re exposed to are quite small and you’re not in any immediate danger, consistent exposure can cause issues in the long run. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn how to protect against 5G. 

Here are the 5 main hazards and risks of 5G you should be aware of:

1. Radiation

Technically, EMFs are classified as radiation. This means that they have the potential to cause multiple neurological and physical issues in your body. 5G signals also carry a very small amount of EMF radiation which can cause those issues. 

Since 5G is a relatively new technology, the scientific community is still in the dark about its overall long-term effects on the human body. Maybe it will not be as bad as it seems. Or maybe, it will be even worse. Everything you learn about is only an educated guess. 

How to Protect Against 5G

However, the fact is that 5G exposes you to more EMF radiation than its other predecessors. By maintaining a balanced attitude and using this technology smartly, you can ensure your safety. 

2. Cancer

Radiation exposure and cancer risks go hand in hand. The World Health Organization and many other international health organizations categorize EMFs as cancer-causing radiation. However, the damage only happens when you’re constantly exposed to EMFs, especially during your sleep.

One of the main reasons behind cancer growth due to 5G radiation is because of the abnormal effects on your cells. Aggressive cell growth sometimes grows into a tumor which may become cancerous. 

According to a Russian study in 2002, the high amount of consistent radiation exposure altered the biological functions in mice and changed their heartbeat patterns. While that amount of radiation is unlikely to happen, any similar effect on a small scale can cause severe health issues for human beings. 

3. Skin Issues and Vision

EMF doesn’t affect the internal systems of your body alone. Overexposure to radiation can cause burns and other patches on your skin if you’re too sensitive.

Most people can probably resist some of the radiation on their skin but others can have an extreme reaction. Sensitivity and burns are not the only issues. You might suddenly feel extremely itchy in some areas. This uncomfortable sensation is also due to an allergic reaction to the radiation and might cause problems for you. 

5G and other EMF radiation might also affect your vision. Some studies have shown that animals start losing their vision and other peripheral functions after overexposure to EMF radiations. However, there are several doubts about their authenticity and the same effects haven’t been observed in humans. 

4. Immune Resistance

The human brain communicates with your body through electrical impulses and other signals. From controlling movements to deciding the sleep pattern, neurons create electrical impulses that guide the body on the next course of action. EMFs in large quantities can potentially disturb that system. 

Your immune system uses many proteins, enzymes, and other cells to make up antibodies, WBC, and other components that fight off disease and viruses. EMF can disturb that system and weaken your immune system. 

This means that 5G and other EMF radiations might also make you weaker against multiple diseases and ailments. 

5. Insomnia

Sleeping is nature’s way of rebooting your body and taking things back to their natural state. Your body automatically brings things to normal during your sleep, so you don’t even feel many small changes. You must have heard the popular statement that the first rule of IT is to turn it off and on again. 

Turns out that the human body works in a similar way – at least for small issues!

Fortunately, sleeping can also correct most of the damage EMF radiations inflict on your body. However, 5G and other EMFs can cause insomnia. This means that you lose the one thing protecting you from permanent damage due to EMFs.

6. Ecosystem

Radiations and EMFs affect all living things. Even plant life gets affected by overexposure to EMF signals. A study conducted by a European school analyzed the growth pattern of two identical plants. All the variables, like water input and light exposure, were kept the same. 

However, one plant was in the vicinity of continuous EMF radiation, while the other was shielded. The results indicated that the plant shielded from EMF grew normally and at a rapid pace. However, the other plant underwent incomplete development and even withered away. 

Some studies also indicate that 5G radiations also affect the bee population. Honey bees are an integral part of the ecosystem and are responsible for the pollination that grows plants. Bees have a direct effect on food security, so you should be worrying about them. 

7. Pets and Other Animals

It’s common knowledge that animals have better senses than humans. Our dogs, cats, and other pets can get agitated with consistent exposure to EMFs and other radiations. That’s why you often see people complaining that their pet started behaving abnormally and feels down all the time. 

Rather than carrying out multiple tests, try turning off your WiFi and other devices at night. You’ll notice a significant difference. 

Learn How to Protect Against 5G

Ensuring protection against anything requires you to understand the problem. If you don’t know the dangers, you obviously won’t feel motivated enough to learn how to protect against 5G. Now that we’re through the learning phase, let’s take a look at some strategies you can adopt.

1. Keep your Distance

It’s a fact that you need 5G. From your jobs to schools, the expectations and demands require you to have this technology in order to keep up with everyone. Therefore, completely blocking yourself off and not using 5G devices is probably not a reasonable solution. However, nothing’s stopping you from maintaining a safe distance. 

Small habits can go a long way to protect you. For instance, you can limit the use of cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices for your protection. 

When calling someone, make sure that your data is turned off. Most phones automatically shift to lower bandwidths like 3G when you turn off data to preserve the battery. There are some products to help you, as well. For your phones, consider an Anti-EMF case. You’ll find it to be a worthwhile investment.

Similarly, you can also limit the time your phone remains in your pocket. Keep it on the dashboard, desk, or anywhere else the first chance you get. We’ve already described how important sleep is for your healing. You must make sure that your exposure to harmful EMFs is little to none. 

Always make sure that all your devices are turned off at night. You should also turn off your WiFi router, as well. Some modern models come with automatic timers, so you won’t have to go through the process every evening. 

2. Understand The Amount of EMF You’re Exposed to

The second thing you must always do is measure how much EMF you’re getting exposed to. For that, you’ll need a quality EMF measuring device. Use that device to know how much EMF you’re getting exposed to in your frequent areas and start targeting the problematic places. 

Finding and using a good quality EMF measuring device is quite easy. In fact, most of them are handheld. So, you’ll easily be able to take them with you and check the amount of EMF in your office, your living room, or any other area.

While you can’t do anything about the exposure in public or shared spaces, your home is your domain. So, you can use a targeted approach to reduce the effect of radiation in your home. We’ll discuss this in more detail later.

3. Use Anti-EMF Products

Another excellent way of ensuring your protection without missing out on the benefits of 5G is to use Anti-EMF products. Mobile cases, laptops covers, and other products that come with absorbent materials to limit the effects of EMF can be a great help to you. 

For home use, there are numerous Anti-EMF sheets, paints, and other similar products that protect you by blocking out harmful radiations. 

Some people also use different crystals and pendants that protect them from EMF radiations. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that they actually work, but many people have experienced positive effects from using them. 

4. Go On Nature Trips

Human beings have a unique trait of healing themselves from small ailments during sleep and breaks. If you’re living in an urban environment, you’re constantly bombarded with EMF radiation whether you like it or not. 

Regularly taking a break and going on nature trips can help you reorient your body more effectively and stay unaffected in the long run. Camping trips, weekend fishing trips, a nature hike, and other similar trips can be a good choice to spend quality time and heal yourself. 

Just make sure that you’re not using your phones and other electronic devices on the trip. Never leave them home as you might need to contact emergency services or ask for help. However, other than emergencies, you shouldn’t use those devices and focus on the trip. 

5. Limit EMF Exposure in Your Home

Finally, the last thing you can do is limit the exposure of EMFs in your homes. As a regular person, you don’t have much choice when it comes to those radiations at work or other public spaces. However, you can control the level of radiation you have in your home.

Multiple products on the market can help you make an effective Anti-EMF sanctuary. Things like Anti-EMF paint or mylar blankets are effective, but EMF harmonizers are the best choice for covering the entire house. All these solutions are a little expensive, but they’re effective, durable, and convenient. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are still many ways to reduce the effects of EMF inside your home. Start by making small changes in your life. Measures such as turning off the data mode on your phone and switching off the WiFi router before sleeping can make a lot of difference. 

Another effective measure you can take is to start using desktop computers instead of laptops. Not only will they be limited to a single room, but you’ll also find it easier to shift to a wired internet connection instead of a wireless one. 

Similarly, other measures like using stoves instead of microwave ovens, and avoiding wireless devices as much as possible can keep you safe from overexposure.

Key Takeaways

To wrap up, it’s important to reiterate that technological advancements like 5G come with a lot of benefits for society. From better industrial processes to convenient connectivity at your home, 5G can truly change our lives. 

However, in that glitter, it’s important to not forget that 5G signals have EMF radiations. While 5G is a relatively new technology and there’s little to no data regarding its effects, EMFs have a track record of causing various physiological and neurological issues in people. 

Moreover, human beings are not the only ones affected. EMF radiation can even harm plants and other lifeforms. 

Given how widespread 5G technology is, it’s nearly impossible to avoid it completely. Exposure to 5G and EMF radiation is fine as long as it’s not continuous and is in small doses. You’ll need access to faster internet for many work, school, and other related activities. Therefore, maintaining a balanced approach regarding it is mandatory. 

As long as you’re being vigilant and avoiding too much exposure with EMF and 5G, you’ll be able to safely benefit from the technology without any associated risks. 

We believe that some of the tips for how to protect against 5G mentioned here are good enough to get you started. If you think that we’ve left out any tip or want to share your experience, be sure to reach out in the comment section below. 

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