ThyWrap Review – Know Everything About the Neck Wrap

ThyWrap Review

Fighting stress is too difficult for us due to our hectic lifestyles. What do you generally do to reduce your stress? You may do meditation, practice workouts, go out for a short outing, or take pills for stress management. But, there is another safe and easy way to minimize your stress.

Invest in stress-reducing clothing created with a special design. ThyWrap+ is one such product created by Lambs. You can read the ThyWrap review below to have a solid understanding.

Based on the users’ feedback and customer satisfaction level, we have provided you with a comprehensive review of ThyWrap to help you make an informed decision. Though ThyWrap looks simple, there is advanced technology behind it. Read on to discover everything to know about ThyWrap.

What Is ThyWrap?


ThyWrap, aptly named because it treats your thyroid gland, is an innovatively-designed neck wrap that facilitates your metabolic and thyroid functions during the recovery period. Manufacturers have focused on the functioning of the thyroid glands to design this stress-relief neck wrap. You’ll have shorter recovery times by wearing this neck wrap regularly.

Your thyroid is responsible for heart rate, hormone production, and proper brain function. It’s also highly responsive to stressors.

According to research, there’s a strong connection between heart rate variability (HRV,) stress, and the thyroid. In fact, HRV is one of the best indicators of stress. Those with low HRV have been found to have acute stress, whereas those with higher HRV have minimal stress and an increasingly healthy cardiovascular system.

Lambs’ ThyWrap is crafted based on this concept. Lambs designed the neck wrap using proprietary fabric technology, displaying a mesh of silver fibers to ensure ultimate protection for your thyroid gland. This versatile piece provides you with a range of health benefits.

How Does ThyWrap Work?


A longer healing time could be a problem for some. However, ThyWrap works effectively to solve this problem: a healthy thyroid means faster recovery.

The fiber technology used for this neck wrap improves your HRV. When you take a rest post-workout, you’ll leverage the benefits of the ThyWrap’s technology.

40% AG+ silver ion in the fabric blend helps with better and smoother blood circulation. To understand how ThyWrap works, you first need to learn about WaveStopper technology.

WaveStopper technology relies on electromagnetic shielding principles. If an object is covered properly with a tight grid, there is no contact with radiation. It will not be able to pass through holes in materials, which are smaller compared to their wavelength.

The conductive silver fibers of ThyWrap are close-knit, so they can effectively design advanced electromagnetic protection. Your body stays safe from wireless radiation.

Essentially, ThyWrap works for you in the following ways-

Promotes Blood Circulation

Stressful events affect your normal blood circulation. Although there are other ways to maintain healthy blood circulation, ThyWrap is perfect for enhancing circulation in your body.

Maintains Body Temperature

Stress and other psychological factors can increase your body temperature. You can control this temperature by using ThyWrap.

Blocks EMF

As you regularly use your electronic appliances, your body has contact with electromagnetic radiation and gains a negative electric charge that causes adverse effects on your health. It can affect the normal function of cells, and cause a range of symptoms.

The good news is that you can protect your body and rebalance the positive and negative ions by wearing ThyWrap.

Boosts Your Energy

If you wear Lambs’ ThyWrap regularly, you will have a higher HRV. It indicates your body’s readiness and recovery ability.

Better Cognition

As the neck wrap reduces your stress, you will have stronger memory, higher attention, and improved focus. According to the ThyWrap review of other customers, the neck wrap has reduced their headache problems.

Sound Sleep

Stress can affect your sleep and degrade your health. Thus, reduction of stress means better sleep quality.

Features of ThyWrap


Antimicrobial Technology

Dedicated manufacturers and designers at Lambs have used SilverFlex™ for the neck wrap. It’s effective in killing bacteria before they reproduce and spread to your body.

Thermoregulating Capabilities

As the silver fibers are interwoven properly, they help with the distribution of concentrated heat throughout the body. Silver fibers also play a role in blocking electromagnetic radiation. They absorb the heat energy of your body while reflecting it back for faster recovery.

Lightweight and Breathable Fabric

You’ll feel comfortable for hours while wearing this ThyWrap neck wrap. Manufacturers have made a perfect combination of 42% silver, 53% cotton, and 5% polyester. You should wash the neck wrap manually, and avoid using a dryer for drying purposes.

Interior Silver Lining

A layer of SilverFlex™ fibers has made ThyWrap unique. Silver ensures the high conductivity needed for WaveStopper technology. Silver fibers have heat-regulating properties and make your neck wrap stink-free.

Why Silver Is Used for the ThyWrap

Silver fabric is soft, comfortable, and stretchy. The ThyWrap+ manufacturers have used silver for their anti-radiation neck wrap, as they’re aware of its beneficial properties.

The element silver works as an effective antimicrobial agent, which helps you fight against flu, cold, and skin issues. Moreover, silver has special capabilities for promoting blood circulation, and maintaining internal body temperature.

ThyWrap+ manufacturers have maintained the right proportion of silver while combining it with other fabrics. As silver ions are positively charged, they develop a conductive field and prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body.

Silver also keeps you safe from bacterial growth. So, your neck wrap will be odor-free and clean. What’s more, silver ions emitted by the silver molecules’ surface are harmless to the human body.

Some Alternatives to ThyWrap

1. Microwaveable Neck & Shoulder Wrap 

Designed by Vitnesse, this is a heating pad with a long chest cover. The neck and shoulder wrap is made of soft, plush material, and the mint and lavender scents provide a pleasant sensation.

You can also relieve muscle tension with this wrap.

The weight of the heating pad is around 3 lbs. You’ll get instant pain relief with this wrap.

2. Carex Lavender Neck Wrap

The Carex Lavender Neck wrap is another pain relief wrap that gives you the best feelings on hot summer days.

The cooling wrap uses cold therapy and also provides you with a calming sensation.

Lavender-infused, this product also doubles as a heating pad and produces a soothing scent.

3. EMF Protection by Halsa

The HALSA EMF blocking neck gaiter is intended for users of any age. The fabric protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Unlike other EMF clothing, this product is made of 100% silver: there is no blend of other traditional fabrics.

You can also wear this as a headband and feel comfortable. As the piece is elastic, it ensures a proper fit.

4. Radia Smart EMF Radiation Protection Hat

This EMF clothing is designed as a hat, but the purpose is the same as that of the Lambs’ ThyWrap neck wrap.

The manufacturer has claimed that the product ensures 99.9% protection against EMF.


  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor
  • Maintains your body temperature
  • Reduces stress
  • Adjustable, gender-neutral design
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • No nanoparticles
  • Feel-great guarantee


  • No color options


Is ThyWrap+ available in multiple sizes?

ThyWrap+ is designed with free size. However, you’ll have no issue with the fit. There is an elastic band at the rear side to make the piece adjustable to your head, so your other family members can also put on the same piece.

How much time does ThyWrap take to show results?

Some consumers have claimed that they have started to feel the results within five minutes of wearing the neck wrap. However, for a better outcome, you need to continue wearing the piece for more than two hours. You can wear the wrap after doing physical workouts.

Do the silver fibers cause damage to your skin?

Unlike other metals, silver is not harmful to the human body. It doesn’t cause reproductive and neurological damage. Even if you’re prone to skin issues, you can wear the silver ThyWrap without concerns. It’s also hypoallergenic!

How does the Lambs’ ThyWrap neck wrap reduce oxidative stress?

Lambs manufacturers target external stressors to lower oxidative stress. By blocking these stressors, it triggers the production of free radicals. The special fabric technology is effective in blocking wireless radiation from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellphones, and other devices. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) value of the Lambs’ product is higher than 50.


Lambs have designed a perfect radiation-proof neck wrap for both men and women. The adjustable band has made the wrap suitable for every user. The technology behind its design helps in blocking wireless radiation.

If you’d like to add a healthy garment to your wardrobe, Lambs’ ThyWrap is a good choice. We hope you found our ThyWrap review informative.

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