EMF Shielding Fabric: Our Top 5 Picks

EMF Shielding Fabric

Electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding fabric protects an individual from EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices. With the rise of 5G mobile communication technology, people are more exposed than ever to EMF radiation. Furthermore, 5G communicates using much higher frequencies than 4G and can support many more devices in a given area.

You might need EMF shielding fabric if you believe EMF radiation is harmful to your health. However, purchasing shielding fabric can be challenging because you need to consider certain features like the metal used, thickness, dimensions, and conduction levels. For example, thicker shielding fabrics made from silver provide better protection from radiofrequency (RF) radiation produced by wired and wireless home appliances. 

In this guide, we’re going to help you understand how shielding fabrics work and how you can use that knowledge to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

1. The Amradield 100% Silver Fiber Fabric Shielding Cage

The Amradield shielding fabric is a 5-star elastic silver-coated nylon fabric. This fabric can be used for curtains, screens, tents, canopy netting, and other applications. Plus, this fabric is antibacterial.

Amradield uses a Nickel-Copper RF Shielding Fabric with traces of polyester. The fabric also includes silver nanowires, which have a higher percentage breakdown whereas other shielding fabrics use dark silver with a lower concentration. This makes it effective in fending off non-ionizing radiation.

It has effective shielding for cell tower radiation and is efficient for window shielding, microwave shielding, and wireless meter shielding. 

If you’re wondering whether the Amradield can block magnetic field lines, then the short answer is no. However, it can reroute lines, which is why it is referred to as a magnetic shield.

If you’re looking for a shielding fabric for your home, then Amradield’s electromagnetic shielding cages are the perfect fit for you. 


  • Excellent RF shielding performance
  • Blocks RF signals from phones, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Protects credit cards from data theft when placed inside wallet or purse
  • Smooth, silky, comfortable surface
  • Can help improve sleep 


  • High price not budget-friendly
  • No proven reduction in EMF radiation, even under multiple layers of fabric
  • Poor return and refund policy

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2. Blocsilver EMF Protection Fabric

If your main goal is protection from 5G radiation, then the Blocsilver Protection Fabric is for you. Blocsilver’s fabric protects at 39.7 dB at 10GHz. You can also wash the product in mineral water or tap water up to 40 times without losing effectiveness. 

Additionally, the fabric is transparent and breathable making it a perfect fit for a bed canopy. Blocsilver can block signals from a TV, phone, DECT, folding screens, and other wireless applications.

One drawback is that despite product description claims that the fabric is washable, tests reveal the product loses EMF radiation shielding effectiveness after being washed.

Another problem is that some users have reported allergic reactions after contacting their skin with the fabric. Other customers complained of coughing and runny noses. However, the returns on the Blocsilver are efficient and customers are refunded over such problems.


  • High shielding effectiveness
  • Blocks signals from mobile phones/cell phones, TVs, 3G, 4G, and 5G
  • Protects you from RF electric fields
  • Proven results with EMF meter testing
  • Breathable fabric perfect for hot climates
  • Good return and customer service policy


  • Reduced effectiveness after washing
  • May cause skin allergies and other health problems
  • Does not protect you from extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation

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3. Faraday Fabric Anti-Radiation Shielding Fabric

The Faraday Anti-Radiation fabric provides protection from smart meters and similar devices. The fabric can also be inserted in your wallet or purse to protect your credit card details and other magnetically stored information.

This premium-grade fabric can be used to create a Faraday cage because it is made with conductive metal like copper, nickel filaments, and polyester, which help reflect electrically charged waves.

This product also includes a ferromagnetic metal coating that makes it effective at shielding low-frequency magnetic fields. If you’re the kind of person who likes extra protection, choosing the MAX54 paint option might be better for you.

The materials used in this military-grade fabric block electric and magnetic waves. The product isn’t made from ordinary fabric. It is made from wrinkle-free material which produces a smooth surface, making it easy to cut and sew for other uses. This product comes with a blocker, Faraday fabric, radiation protection, and conductive tape.

This model is highly effective at blocking high-frequency electromagnetic fields like phones and Wi-Fi routers. The Faraday fabric reduces electromagnetic radiation primarily because of the copper, nickel, and polyester used in its construction.

The shielding rating for the Faraday Shielding Fabric is from 10MHz to 5GHz. A lot of homes use these RF shielding fabrics because of their efficiency. This is primarily because the Faraday fabric has the capability to fend off strong currents from routers, microwaves, and other similar devices. It can also provide shielding for computers.

One major problem with the Faraday Shielding Fabric is that some models don’t shield you completely from EMFs and residual fields. For example, the fabric weakens a cell phone’s signal, but it barely reduces a Wi-Fi signal.

Another problem is that, despite claims of premium quality, the fabric tends to bunch up even after minor use. However, the return method on websites like Amazon ensures that the customer can get a refund if necessary.


  • Wireless meter shielding 
  • Reduces exposure to radiation
  • Protects against devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Can be used to prevent theft of credit card information
  • Smooth, comfortable fabric is easy to cut and sew for other purposes
  • Powerful shielding
  • Fair return and refund policy


  • Doesn’t shield completely
  • Loose Fabric doesn’t match claims of premium quality

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4. Amradield 100% Silver Fiber Fabric 

Amradield’s quality product uses electrically conductive silver. This EMF shielding fabric works wonders by blocking cell phone signals and fending off radiation from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, making it effective at shielding static or low-frequency fields. 

Due to its premium quality silver and conductive fabrics, the Amradield fabric is perfect for blocking harmful electromagnetic waves like cell phone signals and microwave signals. The typical application of this product is for curtains, beds, tents, and garments. 

Additionally, this technology is the perfect earthing fabric with natural cotton and silver fiber-conductive grounds. Once it comes in contact with the human body, it helps people sleep better, recover from fatigue more quickly, and boost immunity. 

The fabric is made from nickel, copper, and polyester and is also antibacterial. It is also soft, breathable, and comfortable, making it ideal for hot climates. Plus, it is one of the most efficient fungicidal products on the market.

Due to its RF shielding materials, surface resistivity of 0.1 ohm, and ratings of 70 dB from 10MHz-3GHz, the Amradield fabric is capable of blocking strong RF-EMF radiation from devices like microwave ovens and smart meters. It is also perfect for shielding computers.

However, while the product information stated this material is capable of blocking strong radiation, when tested, this fabric was unable to block Wi-Fi radiation, though it was able to block a phone signal completely. 


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Antifungal and antibacterial
  • Amazing EMF radiation shielding material


  • EMF shielding properties not as strong as advertised

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5. Tatuo EMF Shielding Fabric

This lightweight metal foam shielding fabric can fend off most EMF radiation like electromagnetic interruptions and radio waves. The Tatuo Shielding Fabric can also block high levels of radiation from cellphones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can be bought as a sheet, master roll, and normal roll.

One thing to keep in mind is that the screen holes in the fabric must be smaller than the wavelengths that it’s trying to reflect. If the holes are too big, the signal will pass right through. Also, the product will not work effectively on an unbroken conducting surface.

The primary goal of the Tatuo Shielding Fabric is to provide radiation protection and signal blocking from computers, laptops, tablets, cell phone towers, and other similar technologies. To accomplish this goal, it is made from materials that are effective in magnetic and electric shielding.

This fabric has corrosion-resistant properties because it is made from premium materials like polyester, fiber, copper, and nickel. It also has a soft and silky texture, making it easy to sew and clip. This can save a considerable amount of time when making mesh barriers or coverings.

One problem is that despite the product details of the Tatuo Shielding fabric claiming it has powerful shielding, there have been instances where the protection didn’t work. For example, even after wrapping a phone in 3 layers of the product, calls still came through.


  • Strong shielding to fend off powerful radiation
  • Easy to trim for other purposes
  • Soft and silky texture


  • Shielding weaker than advertised

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Additional Recommendations

Although we’ve only mentioned five products in this guide, there are many others on the market that might suit your needs and budget. Other options you may want to consider are:

  • HARApad EMF Protection – Laptop EMF radiation protection
  • RF Sources – Swiss Shield Naturell Width shielding fabric
  • 5G Radiation Protection Baseball Hat – universal sizes
  • CUAZZCS Earthing Fabric with a Nature Cotton Silver Fiber – conductive grounding
  • TitanRF Faraday Fabric which is a grade-certified M shielding fabric

If you’re looking to shield yourself against RF and EMF radiation specifically, then check out products from EMR Shielding Solutions.

A Word About EMF Shielding Fabric Product Reviews

When looking over reviews for EMF products, consider that to calculate overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, websites like Amazon don’t use a simple average. Rather, the system analyzes how recent a customer review is and the validity of the review. This creates accuracy in the product reviews for these items. This way, Amazon is able to make sure the reviews you see are as accurate and reliable as possible.

Buyer’s Guide

Based on our research, we have developed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchase decision for your EMF shielding needs. To help you out, we have broken down our choices into several categories.

Best Overall: Amradield 100% Silver FIber EMF Protection

Amradield 100% Silver FIber EMF Protection is by far the best overall product on this list. The 10MHz-18GHz rating works wonders in shielding yourself and your home from any type of radiation. This nylon tricot fabric is extremely conductive and can fend off powerful radiation from appliances like microwaves and smart meters. However, if you only want to protect your smart meter, then you should go for a smart meter shield. 

Best Budget: Blocsilver EMF Protection Fabric

If you’re on a tight budget, then the Blocsilver EMF Protection Fabric is your best bet. This may not be the best shielding fabric out there, but with features like window shielding and 5G blocking, the Blocsilver is friendly for your wallet. 

Best Runner-Up: Faraday Anti-Radiation Shielding Fabric

Faraday Anti-Radiation Shielding Fabric is by far the next best option after the above-mentioned products. The Faraday shielding fabric has the highest effectiveness due to its composition. It’s composed of polyester, copper, and nickel, which makes it highly conductive. Also, the soft and wrinkle-free material makes it easier to sew and cut.

Best Under $150: Amradield Fiber Radiation Protection Fabric

If you want something under $150, then get the Amradield Fiber Radiation Protection Fabric. This machine-washable fabric can fend off EMI/RF/EMF/LF radiation. This powerful shielding fabric can be used to block strong RF signals from phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 

Best Alternative: Tatuo Shielding Fabric

If none of these products are available or if you’re simply looking for something different, consider the Tatuo Shielding Fabric. This fabric can protect you and your home from most electrostatic fields. 

Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics 

There are a number of different manufacturers who now produce EMF shielding fabrics and these fabrics are made from a variety of different materials. 

These days you can either buy such fabric as bolt (roll) which you can then cut up to create items that you can then use. Then there are some companies who will create items for you such as blankets, curtains, clothes, hats, cases for phones or bags for you to then use. 

Whether you buy a bolt of EMF shielding fabric or items that have been made from it there are 3 types of EMF shielding fabric you can buy and we look at these below. 

Cotton EMF Shielding Fabric 

You will often find that you can only buy pre-made items made from this type of fabric, instead of just a roll of it. 

However, you will find that there is a good selection of items made from cotton EMF shielding fabric, but these ones tend to be for indoor use only. So you’ll often find blankets, curtains, and clothing that is made from this material. 

Mesh EMF Shielding Fabric 

You will often find that this fabric is available to buy as a bolt or roll, allowing you to make anything you like with it. 

This is the kind of EMF shielding fabric you would use if you want to create a canopy for a bed or to provide you with a protective enclosure outside. This material is also especially good for using to make curtains and screens for windows as it will still allow light through. 

However, it is important to note as this fabric will contain a large amount of metal within it, so cutting it can prove challenging. But you will also find that it is more durable in comparison to some other EMF shielding materials. 

Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric 

There are now some EMF shielding fabrics that are highly conductive. Most fabric you buy today is conductive. However those that are classified as being conductive EMF shielding fabric are called this because they contain nickel-copper or copper within them. The copper used in this fabric is what makes it highly conductive.  

In most cases this fabric is available as a large roll, but sometimes you may come across places where they are selling it in smaller pre-cut pieces of various sizes. 

Also along with the fabric you can buy rolls of tape to use in conjunction with it that are made from nickel, copper and cobalt, providing you with an additional level of shielding against EMF. 

Caring for EMF Shielding Fabric 

There may well be some point when the fabric you are using to protect against exposure from EMF requires cleaning. 

If it does then you need to read carefully through what the manufacturers of the fabric have to say. 

In the majority of cases this type can be washed in a machine as long as you use only cold water and place it on a gentle cycle. Also you should never dry in a tumble dryer but allow it to dry naturally by hanging it up.  

Different Ways to Use Anti-EMF Fabrics 

EMF-blocking fabrics can be used for a great many purposes depending on the material flexibility, thickness, and design. 

Here is a quick look at the top ways to use anti-EMF fabrics so you can maximize their shielding capabilities and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Cell phone bags

Cell phones are some of the biggest distributors of harmful substances because these devices are kept close to your body all the time.  

To reduce the effects that cell phones have on your body, you can start by keeping your cell phone in a bag crafted from conductive fabric. This method won’t just protect your body from harmful radiation waves, it can also keep your phone in good condition for longer. 

A Router cover

WiFi routers are a huge culprit of EMF waves but can only cause harm if you sit close to the router. Those who are forced to sit right next to a router can use shielding fabric to create a barrier between themselves and the router or a pouch that can be used to cover up the router. 

This is a great solution since you will still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi since the fabric blocks out certain signals but does not interfere with a cellular signal.


Anti-EMF curtains can be a great solution for blocking out some of the EMF waves coming from electrical devices in and outside your home. But these curtains are an absolute must if you live within 300 meters of a cellphone tower. 

Cell phone towers emit radiation that can be harmful to human health. Curtains made from EMF-proof fabrics can enhance your general safety if you live within close proximity to a tower. 


EMF fabrics can be used as a blanket or inside a soft fleece blanket and is a superb solution for protecting babies, and children or can be functional for pregnancy. 

A pregnancy EMF blanket or baby blanket will protect unborn fetuses from EMF waves that might affect the health and development of an unborn child. It is a superb protective layer to consider if you love spending time on your phone. 

A Fridge cover

Fridges emit quite a bit of EMF waves and adding a layer of EMF shielding fabric over your fridge can help block out some of these harmful wave patterns. 

A Microwave cover

You can also use EMF shielding fabric to cover a microwave oven. Microwaves emit a lot of EMF energy and many believe that the waves produced by microwaves are extremely toxic to human health. 

An EMF-proof cover will reduce the intensity of these rays when you stand next to the microwave while using it and might just keep you protected for longer.


Purchasing EMF shielding fabrics and going through product specifications can be a little tricky. However, if you are concerned about EMF radiation, the research is worth the effort. These materials can be beneficial for you and your home since they protect you from harmful EMF radiation. We hope that this product review and buyer’s guide will make your purchase decision that much easier.

If you are also in the market for other great anti-EMF products like EMF phone shields, EMF blocking stickers, or need more information on EMF waves in general then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on EMF Risks

With our guides, you can create a safe home environment and reduce the health risks associated with using modern tech. 

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