The Best Antibacterial Socks For 2022

The Best Antibacterial Socks For 2022

You wake up bright and early, have a shower, throw on some clothes, drink a glass of water before eating a quick bowl of fibrous cereal and some fruit. You packed a healthy lunch last night, and have your workout clothes ready in your gym bag by the door. 

You’ve made a series of choices that help to keep you healthy. But, then as you’re ready to head out the door, you throw on a pair of old socks. You may not have thought this far, but how healthy was the choice to wear those socks?

The Importance Of Foot Health

Our socks are often one of the last things we think about in terms of being related to our health. We spend lots of money on quality sneakers, even ordering special orthopedic inserts to provide the exact support our unique body needs. How often do we attribute our choice of socks to musculoskeletal health?

We know enough to change our socks, just like our underwear, on a daily basis. But beyond getting pedicures and a good scrub while showering, many of us don’t think about how important a good pair of socks are for the health of our feet.

Our feet have the most sweat glands of anywhere in the body. Sweat glands release sweat to help cool the body and to keep skin moist. When this happens and your feet are inside of a sock that’s inside of a shoe, it can create the optimal breeding ground for bacteria. 

In fact, bacteria live naturally on your feet as a healthy part of your biological system. The bacteria typically breaks down the sweat that your feet produce. It’s when excess harmful bacteria develops that problems start to arise. 

One of the best ways to invite more bacteria onto your feet is to take off sweaty shoes and to wear them again before they’re dried thoroughly. For this reason, it can be helpful to have two pairs of shoes to alternate between daily. 

However, when you’re out running around in the midst of a busy day, changing your shoes isn’t a priority. 

That’s where socks come in. 

Socks help provide a barrier between your feet and shoe, so that sweat is absorbed into the material of your sock. They help solve the problem of sweaty shoes. 

However, what happens when the sock becomes sweaty? This becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria if you’re wearing the wrong sock. Choosing the right material for your feet can help to wick away sweat and to fight against harmful bacterias. 

Can Bacteria Really Grow In Socks?

Some fabrics are the perfect carriers of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Natural fiber materials in particular can provide the ideal atmosphere for microorganisms to grow, including pathogenic microbes and fungi. 

This can actually lead to health problems for the wearer. Bacteria is a common culprit found to grow well in a pair of less-than-helpful socks, as bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments. You can imagine the problem is only worsened in humid and hot climates. 

When bacteria colonies grow rampant, they can actually change the fabric structure of the sock, creating discoloration, icky smells, and worst of all, skin damage. 

Why Do My Feet Smell?

There is an actual medical term for smelly feet: bromodosis. It’s very common and occurs when a buildup of sweat leads to an overpopulation of bacteria on the skin, which causes bad odors. 

Just like when your armpits sweat and begin to smell, it’s the bacteria that actually smells. 

While some people are more prone to sweatier feet than others, caring for your feet by wearing the right socks and shoes goes a long way toward protecting them. Good foot hygiene is very important. 

Poor hygiene can cause bromodosis. This includes infrequent foot washing or not changing socks at least once a day. 

What Are Antibacterial Socks? 

As we already said, bacteria are a part of the natural chemistry of your feet, and help to keep other unwanted bacteria and microorganisms from invading. Socks can help keep bacteria in check, but certain socks are more ready for this task than others.

Some socks are made with materials that are antimicrobial, which means that they help to protect your feet from the growth of unwanted microbes that cause bromodosis, Athlete’s Foot, and similar conditions.

Antibacterial socks actually kill bacteria that aren’t helpful. Some materials are more up to the task than others. We often see silver, copper and titanium, as they all have proven antibacterial properties.

Different materials are also suited to different tasks. For example, cotton – a common choice for many of us – is durable and comfortable. However, cotton is not ideal for more strenuous activities like running because of its water retention and lack of elasticity. 

Instead, you’ll do better with socks made from polyester, nylon, spandex, and best of all, bamboo. 

Bamboo Socks? 

Yes, bamboo socks actually exist. You may have seen bamboo used in a variety of applications; it’s more than just a panda’s source of food.

Over the last few decades, bamboo has become a highly used product for its sustainability and biodegradability. We’ve seen it used in flooring, toothbrushes, dishwares, and bed linens. 

As a textile, bamboo is very smooth and absorbent and is naturally antibacterial. One study found that even after 50 washes, bamboo fiber killed 70% of the bacteria

Chemically created antimicrobial fabric was helpful in killing bacteria; it also had the potential for causing skin allergy. 

Bamboo, as a natural fiber, does not create this same issue, and in fact, repelled harmful bacterias like Esherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (staph)

Best Overall Antibacterial Socks

1. Lambs Antibacterial No-Show Socks

As we’ve said before, we love Lambs brand products because they are high quality and combine science with clothing to create pieces that buyers can feel safe and comfortable wearing. 

Lambs created their socks for the active person, stating, “Bacteria are the origin of sweat odors, so we have designed these socks to be antibacterial.” Their goal is to attack stinky feet right at the source. 

They use silver fibers, which have been proven to be antimicrobial, to attack unwanted bacteria.


  • 8% X-Soft™ silver fiber
  • 72% cotton
  • 17% nylon
  • 3% spandex


  • Permanent antibacterial and anti-odor effect
  • Seam-free design to reduce irritation
  • Breathable
  • Machine-washable

What We Like:

  • Use of silver for its antimicrobial powers 
  • Wireless radiation protection
  • Fabric blend is 50% more absorbent than cotton on its own
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • They’re ridiculously soft!

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cotton is fine for everyday wear but is less ideal for athletic socks 
  • Though you get two pairs, they’re still a bit on the pricey side

These socks are a great addition to the Lambs lineup, and provide multiple forms of protection that allow the wearer to enjoy their day in comfort and peace of mind. 

Best Runner Up Socks

2. Lambs Antibacterial Crew Socks

No list can ever have too many Lambs’ products because we love the science and quality manufacturing they put into their items. 

The Lambs Antibacterial Crew Socks are a close runner-up to their No-Show socks, as they offer the same excellent features while also providing a different cut. 


  • 7% X-Soft silver fiber
  • 60% cotton
  • 29% polyester
  • 4% spandex


  • Permanent antibacterial and anti-odor effect
  • Seam-free design to reduce irritation
  • Breathable
  • Machine-washable

What We Like:

  • Use of silver for its antimicrobial powers 
  • Wireless radiation protection
  • Fabric blend is 50% more absorbent than cotton on its own
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Less cotton is used than in Lambs No-Show socks; they use polyester rather than nylon which is great for runners
  • Super soft

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less X-soft silver used
  • High price for a single pair of socks

While Lambs products will often cost you a few more dollars than some alternatives, they are designed by scientists. You’ll always know that the products you’re buying have been put to the test; that peace of mind is worth a few dollars more isn’t it?

Best Budget Antibacterial Socks

3. Serisimple Women’s Bamboo Crew Sock

The Serisimple sock is largely made of bamboo, with a bit of spandex to add elasticity. These socks have been lab-tested, and were found to have a 98% antibacterial inhibitory rate. 

Serisimple describes the process of obtaining bamboo fiber, which involves cutting bamboo into pieces, boiling, and hammering it into filaments which are then cleaned, bleached, and softened so that the fiber can be spun. 

While they don’t specifically say that their socks are made by hand, they do state that skilled craftspeople make each pair. 

While we’re looking at their women’s crew socks specifically, Serisimple has a whole line of socks including men’s socks, ankle socks, dress socks, and more. 


  • 80% Bamboo
  • 20% Spandex


  • 98% effective against bacteria
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, silky feel
  • Reinforced toe and heel

What We Like:

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; they send you a brand new pair if your first pair gets a hole in the first month
  • Won’t overstretch
  • Eco-friendly! We love a good green product
  • Lightweight and yet super soft

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users feel these socks are too tight, and have trouble putting them on
  • The material might be too thin for some, especially those in colder climates

Check Latest Price on Amazon

We love these socks because they are great for those on a budget and use bamboo, which is an excellent product for its biodegradable, eco-friendly, economical qualities. 

Best Crew Antibacterial Socks

4. TISOKS Quarter Crew Athletic Socks

 TISOKS claims that these socks can help treat Athlete’s Foot, as the titanium fiber can alleviate itchiness, manage foot odor, and reduce skin peeling. So if you’re prone to bromodosis, Athlete’s foot, or any other foot irritations, these socks are a good choice. 

They also use more durable cotton than is found in most socks, which allows for greater durability and high absorption. The polypropylene acts as a unidirectional moisture wick, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable. 


  • 70% Combed Cotton
  • 27% Polypropylene
  • 3% Spandex


  • Titanium fibers for high performance
  • 40S/2 combed cotton for extra durability.
  • Lycra for excellent stretchability 
  • Light compression arch for a snug fit that’s great for strenuous activities like running, hiking, and working out
  • Quick-dry

What We Like:

  • Come in a 6-pack
  • Customers report excellent sweat wicking and odor elimination

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some customers state socks didn’t maintain their shape after a few washes 
  • Another review complained of inconsistency in fabric quality per order

Check Latest Price on Amazon

If you’re after a good pair of socks for managing sweaty, stinky feet or even helping to treat Athlete’s foot, these socks from TISOKS may be worth a try. A bonus: you’ll get six pairs for about the same amount as a premium pair. 

Best Alternative Antibacterial Socks

5. Kodal Copper Infused Athletic Crew Socks

These socks were made for high-intensity sports, as well as for lounging. Kodal claims that by using cotton yarn that has been copper-infused, 99% of sweat and odor are eliminated. 

And while copper might sound uncomfortable, these socks are said to be soft and smooth, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture wicking

These socks were designed to do it all. Kodal says they’re “not too thick or too thin”, will keep you warm in cold weather but also allow your skin to breathe during high-intensity activities like climbing, football, hiking, running, tennis, marathon, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, cycling, etc. 


  • 80% Combed Cotton
  • 20% Copper yarn


  • Copper infused cotton for antibacterial protection
  • Super-power moisture-wicking
  • Four-seasons
  • All-Sport

What We Like:

  • Superior blister prevention
  • Lots of customer reviews confirm the sock’s anti-odor power
  • Buyers are pleased with durability for long, hard wear

What We Don’t Like:

  • Dry clean only socks, which can be inconvenient
  • Cotton makes up 80%, which isn’t the ideal fabric for athletic wear

Check Latest Price on Amazon

If you’re okay with dry cleaning your socks or perhaps finding a delicate process for at-home washing, these socks seem to be a great alternative option that will help to keep your feet clean, healthy, and odor-free with the power of copper! 

To Keep your Feet Healthy, Invest In Antibacterial Socks

So many socks, so little time, right? We’re all on busy schedules, and socks should be one of the easiest choices in your day.

 Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect pair – or pairs – on this list. With the rise of Covid-19, antibacterial products have become more front of mind, and more important to us, even for our feet. Each of these antibacterial sock choices offers a range of features and protection, as well as comfortable wearing so that you have one less thing to concern yourself over during the day. 


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