EMF From WiFi Routers – What Is A Safe Distance?

emf from wifi router distance

EMF From WiFi Routers – What Is A Safe Distance?

emf from wifi router distance

It seems like every device you can buy these days connects to the Internet. It used to be that our PCs were the only devices that needed online access, but now everything from cell phones to fridges and from thermostats to crock pots needs to connect to the web.

Devices have become smarter, but in turn, slightly more dangerous. 

As a result, our homes are filled with WiFi. Most homes have at least one wireless router, and often WiFi repeaters scattered around to make sure every corner of our living spaces (and as much of our yards, too) are blanketed in a strong signal.

Convenience is our top priority, but every product is also giving off wifi radiation. While all these interconnected devices are amazing applications of technology, they also may pose health risks for you and your family the electromagnetic radiation generated by WiFi routers.

While all these interconnected devices are amazing applications of technology, they also may pose health risks for you and your family the electromagnetic fields generated by WiFi routers.

This EMF radiation exposure is arguably dangerous at close range, and it possibly contributes to significant health issues – especially from excessive long-term exposure.The frequency of wifi radiation can be detrimental to your health. 

It is important for people to understand the risks from WiFi EMF radiation and the WiFi Route Radiation Safe distance, in order to make informed decisions about what level of exposure is right for themselves and also for their family. You also need to ensure that you’re at a safe distance from wireless devices. 

EMF Radiation From WiFi Routers

Wireless routers emit EMF radiation that registers in the low-gigahertz frequency range, which is a level many consider potentially dangerous to humans. This danger is exacerbated by a number of variables, including a person’s age, their overall healthiness, their proximity to the Wifi router, and the duration of their exposure.

Besides this, there is evidence that every wireless network that emits electromagnetic radiation, cell phones with their signal, and even an electric EMF meter can have an effect on your health. The power of these devices is also related to the amount of waves they emit, posing a cancer risk.

Of course, WiFi routers aren’t the only items that create non-ionizing radiation. Appliances in your home, computers, and even baby monitors also contribute. And since more evidence about the potential health risks from EMF radiation continues to come out, it makes sense to take precautions to protect you and your family.

What is the Safe Distance From Wifi Router? 

There is currently no scientific consensus on the safe distance from a WiFi router.

This is because this has to be a long term study with a large number of variables, and correctly calculating the effects of EMF exposure can be a very difficult task. 

The issue has not been studied enough, and many scientists are still grappling with the “if” question on EMF emissions rather than the “how much” questions. Also, the EMF radiation varies from one router model to the next, which further complicates the question.

So the answer is more subjective – as far away as you can be while still getting a good connection for your device.

WiFi Route Radiation Safe distance

If you can locate your router 30-40 feet away and still maintain good connectivity that is great. Trying to keep it at least 10 feet away is a good idea to lessen the EMF that gets to your body from the router. The non-ionizing radiation released from these sources is connected to risks of brain cancer, according to scientific evidence. 

Remember – radiation from WiFi routers can go through walls, so keep that in mind when planning where to locate it. And those people that are particularly sensitive to EMF radiation should take every effort to reduce their proximity and exposure to all sources.

That goes for children as well – the safest bet is to maximize the space between your WiFi router and where they sleep. Although children nowadays need the internet more than ever, keeping the router in the living room or any room farthest from their bedrooms while still maintaining connectivity is a good idea. 

In addition to keeping your distance from WiFi routers, 0pting for low-EMF versions of common electronic devices is another way to minimize your risk. Researching options like far infrared technology is worth the effort. This will let you use wireless technologies while also providing you with wifi radiation protection. 

You can find everything from infrared heating pads to infrared portable saunas that output lower electromagnetic fields than their traditional counterparts. This will reduce the levels of radiation that your body is exposed to, particularly helping people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. 

Here is an interesting video I found on YouTube that measures the radiation put out by a WiFi router:

How to Reduce Your WiFi Exposure

One simple and money-saving way to reduce your family’s exposure is to shut down your WiFi router (and any other devices that generate EMF radiation) at night or when they are not being used. This will automatically reduce exposure to EMF from Wi-Fi devices. 

If they are not powered on they can’t hurt you, and you might see a small decrease in your electricity bill as a result as well as save yourself from wireless radiation. 

Another easy way to reduce the EMF from your router is to use a Wifi Router Guard. This handy device encloses your router to reduce the radiation it emits. It comes in the form of a faraday cage that can be enclosed around wi-fi devices while still giving you a proper wireless signal. 

Of course, unless you keep your router far away from your sleeping areas as we suggested about WiFi Route Radiation Safe distance, turning it off at night can be a pain. One simple solution to that is to use a programmable electric timer that is set to power off and on according to your schedule.

It is much easier than making a trek across your home just before bed and after waking up each day. You will be safe from different forms of radiation while you sleep, while your mobile phone will automatically connect to it when you wake up. 

Try Wired Devices

Everything wireless that you use works on RF signals that are sent from one device to another. This means that your cell phones, your wifi routers, your bluetooth devices, and everything in between is a source of RF signals at all times.

One way to make sure that you can reduce the level of radiation your body is exposed to and improve human health is to try to go with wired devices instead of wireless ones. For example, just using wire bluetooth headphones can cut down on the small rates of brain damage that happen every time you use these devices.

Users of laptops and personal computers can also choose to use wired connections if they do not move their computer a lot. This will reduce wifi router radiation, and you will get more speed and better connectivity!

Final Word

Low-level radiation is present around you at all times. The risk from cell phones, wifi routers, and everything wireless that can connect to other devices has a level of radiation proportional to its power output. This radiation from devices can have major health impacts on you and your family.

In today’s world, we cannot live without a wifi connection. However, using wireless internet does not have to be harmful, and you can cut down on your wireless communications by not using your internet router for extended periods, having a standby mode for your internet router, and keeping your internet router at a safe distance from where you spend most of your time.

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