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About Me

meGrowing up in the 70’s and 80’s, EMF radiation never crossed my mind. I knew of the dangers of electricity first-hand, as I saw my best friend in 2nd grade accidentally grab a high power line and nearly die as a result. But that was from direct contact with electricity.

The only wireless devices we had as kids were boom boxes, and I wasn’t the type to carry it on my shoulder. I did eventually get a walkman, and spent a lot of time plugged in to it listening to music. But looking back, that was fairly limited exposure by today’s standards.

Now everyone has a cell phone, and a tablet, and a laptop. People are wearing fitbits and wireless headphones all the time, and every home and most businesses have multiple wifi hotspots running. And when I say everyone, I am including my children.

It is really interesting how differently you look at life once you have children. While I love to give my kids the latest gadgets and electronic conveniences, I am also seriously concerned how all of that technology will affect their lives and health. That is why I started looking into EMF radiation.

So EMF-Risks.com is born out of my desire to learn more about EMF and protect my family from potentially adverse affects. Hopefully that shows through in the articles and reviews on this site. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am searching, and will share what I find as I go.

And if you have an interesting story, experience, or unique solution for dealing with EMF please share it.