4 Best Air Tube Headset – 2022 Reviews and Comparison

Top 4 Best Air Tube Headset [year] Reviews and Comparison

best air tube headset ReviewsMore and more people are turning to air tube headsets for conversations and listening to music via their smartphone these days. On the surface, they look much the same as any other set of headphones, but they carry out their task a little differently and there are benefits associated with them doing so.

Air tube headsets work on a simple concept. They have a hollow, flexible air tube in the place of the wire from your phone to the small earpiece. Whether you’re using MP3 players or mobile phones to listen to your music, air tube technology will serve you better than traditional headphones. 

This feature makes sure that sound travels to your ear through the tube, effectively reducing the amount of radiation that you’re exposed to. The phone is also at a farther distance from your ear, making the radiation emitted from it weaker by the time it reaches you. 

The hollow tube present in an air tube headset transmits the sound to your ear without using metal, wires, or any other element in it. This plays a major role in providing you protection from radiation from cell phones. 

To help you pick the best air tube headsets, we reviewed 3 great options. Here is a quick comparison chart summarizing our choices, so that you can pick out the best pair of headphones for your needs:

EDITOR’S CHOICE 1. SYB Air Tube Stereo Headset

  • Strong EMF Relief
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Design
  • Versatile to Use
  • Lightweight, for Better and Worse
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2. DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

  • Incredible sound quality
  • Braided nylon cord
  • Removable ear hooks
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3. EMF Relief – Deluxe Radiation Free Headset

  • Easy Controls
  • 99% Radiation Reduction
  • Noise Cancelling Features
  • Some Problems When Making Calls
  • Lacking Durability
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4. AirTube Anti Radiation Headset

  • Reduces EMF Radiation by 99.99%
  • Convenient Extra Long Cord
  • No Speakers in the Earbuds
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Some Issues with Buds Staying in Ears
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Best Air Tube Headsets

1. SYB Air Tube Stereo Headset

SYB Air Tube Stereo Headset Review
The SYB Air Tube Stereo Headset

SYB Air Tube Stereo Headsets aim to offer the kind of audio quality that people expect from their headsets these days, while also providing a comfortable user experience. There are lots of things to like about this headset, and it certainly shouldn’t be dismissed if you want to invest in a new air tube headset. This product does a lot right and delivers in key areas; read on to find out more.

Strong EMF Relief

The EMF relief that’s claimed to be offered by this SYB Air Tube headset is very powerful. By blocking radiation away from your brain at a rate of 99%, the product can protect you properly and provide you with the peace of mind that you’re most likely looking for right now. Of course, no conductive metallic wires are used to deliver sound to your ears, and it’s this feature that makes it possible for EMF relief to be preventing properly and so comprehensively.

Good Sound Quality

Sound quality is a major sticking point for many people looking to buy air tube headsets. There has been a perception in the past that these kinds of headsets can only offer inferior sound quality. Although air tube technology makes it hard to compete with high-end headphones, this SYB model does make it possible for you to listen to audio in the way you can expect. Most people are very happy with the sound quality that they get out of this product.

Acoustic engineers worked in unison with DefenderShield to develop this audio delivery system, which produces high fidelity sound and professional quality. The construction of the air tubes actually increases acoustic resonance and greater sound depth, delivering deeper sound tones and richness ideal not only for phone conversations but music and streamed video listening, as well.

Comfortable Design

Another thing that matters a lot to users is comfort. When you’re using headsets that simply aren’t comfortable for you, it can obviously be a real problem. No one wants to be walking around with an uncomfortable headset causing them problems all day. The well-designed and extra comfortable earbuds come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. And the materials used add to the comfort. You’ll never have to be worried about this headset causing you ear pains.

Versatile to Use

It’s good to know that this device is compatible with the vast majority of electronic devices out there. It uses an ordinary 3.5mm jack, so it compatible with any device that uses this input. It also works perfectly well with the lightning cable adaptor if you want to use this headset with a more recent model of iPhone on which the regular 3.5mm jack option has been removed. Most people use headsets with various devices, so having that versatility is positive.

If you’re used to a wired headset, this makes for a great choice because of its sound quality and versatility of use. 

Lightweight, for Better and Worse

This headset is one of the more lightweight models on the market today. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on your perspective. Some people like the fact that they’re light, easy to transport and comfortable to wear. Whereas, other people worry that because they’re lightweight, they’ll also be a little more easy to damage and more breakable. So it just depends on what your perspective on this is and what your priorities are.

2. DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

EMF Safety
DefenderShield headphones deliver sound through sealed air tubes and not to the ear by any direct-wired connection. The tubes consist of a braided cord of nylon containing copper mesh that also offers additional shielding against extremely low-frequency radiation (ELF). Wired speakers are positioned midway in the leads do drive acoustic compression in the air tubes, so they are distanced safely from your ears.

Great Sound Quality
Acoustic engineers worked in concert with DefenderShield to develop this audio delivery system, which produces high fidelity sound and professional quality. The construction of the air tubes actually increases acoustic resonance and greater sound depth, delivering deeper sound tones and richness ideal not only for phone conversations but music and streamed video listening as well.

Comfortable and Convenient to Use
The tubes of the headset are flexible, strong, and made with braided nylon to prevent tangles. Included is a built-in microphone and audio controls to adjust the sound volume. The headset also features ear hooks for stability, which are removable, as well as sports tips and a garment clip for use in sports activities. Included is a full set of different-sized ear tips so that the headset can be custom-fitted to any person for greater comfort.

Plug-and-Play Compatibility
The headset is connected by a standard 3.5mm audio jack, which is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, laptops, tower computers, and mp3/mp4 players. If you happen to have the new iPhone 7, an optional lightning cord adapter is required (offered by several resellers) so the headset can be used with all of the newest models of iPhone.

One-Year Limited Warranty
A full one-year warranty is provided by DefenderShield for their headphones and other products. Any defect in the product will be repaired or the product will be replaced within one year of the original purchase date at no charge. The “limited” aspect of the warranty declares that these provisions only apply to the original purchaser of the product, so long as the product is used under normal conditions and as intended. This means that the return policies on these devices are quite convenient. 

Easy Controls

You can control both your music and the calls you’re making or receiving on your phone very easily via this headset. Few similar products make it so easy to do this, and having that simple capability can actually have a huge impact on how you use this headset and how you experience the product.

Anything that makes your life easier when you’re out and about and getting on with your day has to be a positive thing worth celebrating.

3. EMF Relief – Deluxe Radiation Free Headset

EMF Relief - Deluxe Radiation Free Headset Review
The EMF Relief – Deluxe Radiation Free Headset

This EMF Relief headset succeeds in doing what most users want by reducing EMF radiation. They’re also very easy to use and the controls are very intuitive, so you’ll be able to pick them up and start using them without experiencing any problems at all. That’s always a good thing for customers. Read more below about what this deluxe radiation free headset can offer you and what its drawbacks are.

Easy Controls

You can control both your music and the calls you’re making or receiving on your phone very easily via this headset. Few similar products make it so easy to do this, and having that simple capability can actually have a huge impact on how you use this headset and how you experience the product. Anything that makes your life easier when you’re out and about and getting on with your day has to be a positive thing worth celebrating.

99% Radiation Reduction

This is the feature that most people care about more than any other when they’re buying air tube headsets. The product claims to achieve a 99% reduction in radiation exposure and there is a number of features that make this possible. A metal shielded wire is used alongside a dual sonic concentrator to offer maximum protection to the user. This makes the product suitable for children and pregnant women who want to be extra careful about the EMF radiation exposure that they’re experiencing.

Noise Cancelling Features

Another great feature of this headset is that it offer noise cancelling properties in its rubber ear tips. This is definitely helpful for anyone who wants to listen to music in peace and not be distracted by the outside world. The microphone used inside the product is also of a high-quality, making the overall audio experience positive and clear, which is what most people are looking for when they’re shopping for a new headset. These features can’t be ignored if you want the best possible audio from your headset.

Some Problems When Making Calls

You might have some problems when making calls because some people have found that when using the product, the person on the other end of a phone call hears feedback. This might be a fault that only impacts a minority of these products, but it’s worth bearing in mind because a few people who’ve bought and used the headset have experienced this first hand. That doesn’t mean that you’d have the same experience though because it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue. This could be a small issue with this wired headphone, but the wide number of features including reduced exposure to EMF make it a worthy choice.

Lacking Durability

Other have found that durability can be an issue if you’re using the headset a lot each day over a prolonged stretch of time. Some people have had to replace the headset after a while because they’re not happy with the signs of wear and tear that have started to present themselves. Again, this might not be as much of an issue for people who take care of their headset carefully in order to avoid damage. If you’re particular about your devices and if you have a rubber case for your headphones, this cell phone headset can serve you well. 

EMF Relief - Deluxe Radiation Free Headset: AIR Tube Patent with Microphone, Black Metal
  • ★RADIATION FREE FUNCTION - Metal shielded wire, dual sonic concentrator, no magnetic field radiation metal cavity, and the air tube, perfectly achieve 99% Radiation reduction, suitable for various people, like kids, pregnant women, etc.
  • ★MUSIC & CALLS CONTROLLING - This headset supports easily controlling your music. It also supports hands-free function,free your hands from answering the call
  • ★DECENT SOUND QUALITY - High-performance microphone and noise cancelling rubber ear tips,offering you perfect sound and clear communication experience. Unique Anti-drop" earbuds offer a comfortable and secure fit
  • ★FULL COMPATIBILITY - Uses international standard port (CTIA), high-quality 3.5mm plug is compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices such as, for iPhone 6 6Plus 5S 5 for Samsung, Smart Phones, Desktop, Notebook, Player, MP3 / MP4, cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • You can enjoy refund or perfect replacement without any condition in 12 months since the purchase date.

4.The AirTube Anti Radiation Headset

The AirTube Anti Radiation Headset is one of the most popular and widely-used air tube headsets available right now. The modern design and good build quality make it immediately appealing to anyone looking to upgrade to an air tube headset from their existing setup, but is it worth the upgrade? Read on to learn about what this product has to offer you.

Reduces EMF Radiation by 99.99%

This headset has had its Radiation Protection Patent certified by WIPO, America and Germany, adding some weight to its claims that it can reduce EMF radiation by 99.99%. When you’re looking to buy headsets like these, you want to be able to fully believe in the claims that they’re making. Knowing that these claims are backed up by known organizations is definitely a big bonus that can’t be ignored. Also, this is the kind of EMF radiation reduction that most people want from air tube headsets.

Convenient Extra Long Cord

One of the nice additional features that this product can boast about is the extra long cord that it comes with. Knowing that you’re not going to have any problems with the cord reaching as far as you need it to is definitely positive, especially if you’re going to be using this headset for various functions in the home. It’s one example of how convenient and easy to use this product is compared to some of the others out there today.

No Speakers in the Earbuds

If you’re looking to buy a product like this, you’re probably concerned about EMF radiation resulting from metal earbuds. This product has no speaker at all in the earbuds, so you won’t need to worry about that. Direct damage to your brain and eardrum as a result of EMF radiation will be almost completely eliminated. It’s good to know that the product has been built with these safety considerations in mind because that’s what’s most important to buyers after all.

High-Quality Materials

The general build quality of this headset is actually very high. Some people have become used to making sacrifices in this department when it comes to air tube headsets, but there’ll be no need at all to compromise if you choose this option. Strong materials and a good overall design make the headset stronger and more durable than many of the other air tube headsets on the market right now, and that’s a pretty big selling point for many people.

Some Issues with Buds Staying in Ears

The main issue that users have experienced with this product so far is that some people find the earbuds don’t stay in the ears all the time. They’re not designed quite ergonomically enough to always stay in place the way you want them to, especially when you’re walking and moving around. This is certainly not a problem that everyone is having, but some users have experienced it so it’s worth being aware of it. It’s for you to decide whether this is a dealbreaker or not.

KINDEN Air Tube Earbuds Radiation Free Headphone Binaural Earphones with Microphone for Phone, Pad, Pod,Samsung Galaxy,HTC,Sony,Mp3 Players
  • KINDEN TUBE TALK ANTI-RADIATION TECHNOLOGY: Air tubes deliver sound rather than wires,98% radiation free. The stereo speakers are encased in speaker cases at a safe distance from the ears, to deliver crystal clear sound via air tubes with no radiation.
  • SHIELDED WIRE AND GOLD-PLATED 3.5MM JACK:Shielded Wire: to prevent induction and conduction of faradic current and RF radiation.Gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium, no-loss sound connection to your audio device.
  • DIFFERENT EARTIPS SIZE: 3 sizes (S/M/L)soft silicone ear buds for a super comfortable, noise isolating fit, and a rugged travel case.(M size silicone eartips on the earbuds)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Ideal for Apple Devices | Android Smartphones | Windows Phones | Portable Music Players like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 plus, 5S/ iPad/ Some of Samsung Galaxy and Note Series, Nexus, HTC, Laptops, Tablets ect.
  • Risk free for 12 month Limited!You can enjoy refund or perfect replacement without condition in 12 month from the purchase date.Please contact KINDEN first once you have any questions


Here’s everything you need to know about air tube headsets.

Stop Cell Phone Radiation

The first and most important function of these air tube headsets is to stop radiation reaching your head via the metal inside conventional headphones and headsets. Instead of using metal to transmit the audio signal, air tubes are used instead, allowing you to listen to whatever you want to listen to without having to worry about EMF or radiation issues because they can’t be carried to your body via air tubes the way they can with regular headsets. There are numerous types of radiation that can be stopped this way.

Crisp Audio Quality

The crisp audio quality that can come with the best air tube headsets proves that it’s more than possible for users to listen to music the way it’s meant to be listened to without having to put their health at risk. Clearly, that’s a pretty big deal because everyone wants to protect themselves but that doesn’t mean they don’t also want to experience high-quality audio when they’re listening to their music, podcasts or audiobooks. The better this technology becomes, the crisper and clearer the audio quality is.

Use Your Phone More Safely

The whole point of these products is to provide users with the ability to use their phones more safely. Let’s face it; we’re all pretty dependent on our phones in one way or another these days. And there is no reason you should have to stop using your phone because of safety concerns. Air tube headsets make it possible for you to use your phone in a much safer way, giving you the peace of mind you need when you’re concerned about the health implications of radiation exposure.

Increasing Popularity

Right now, air tube headsets are becoming more and more popular as people are waking up to some of the potential issues with using regular headsets and the EMF exposure that comes with them. Not many people had heard of these devices not too long ago, but they’re increasingly mainstream now and you’ll often see people wearing and using them when you’re out and about. This just goes to show how popular and successful they are at protecting people and offering them the quality they want.

A Range of Top Options

The range of different air tube headsets on the market is also increasing and expanding right now. Consumers certainly have more choice than ever before, with Amazon along stocking plenty of options for you to choose between, weigh up and potentially purchase. This is a result of increasing demand, and it’s driving up the overall quality of these air tube headset devices in the process.

Air Tube Headset Video

Here is a YouTube video explaining the difference between regular headsets and air tube headsets:


Final Word

Air tube headphones are getting more and more popular as people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of exposure to radiation. Proper EMF protection is an important part of using your devices, and the more wired devices you use, the more your body is exposed to this. 

This article talks about the best air tube headsets available on the market today. These headsets will provide you with proper EMF protection without compromising on the quality of sound. A lot of these options also come with volume control buttons and attractive return policies along with a good quality of sound. 

I hope that this article has helped you pick out the best pair of earphones for your needs. If you enjoyed this article and are interested in similar topics, please feel free to check out our other articles, as well!

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