Top 7 Anti Radiation Plants

anti radiation plantRadiation can be a scary topic – the word alone instantly summons up gruesome notions of death and destruction from an invisible and unstoppable force. But despite the strong images and sentiments the subject of radiation can elicit, we as a society have a surprisingly vague understanding of what exactly radiation is.

Radiation is All Around Us – And Plants May Be Able to Help

Radiation is all around us and flows through everything. There has been a lot of talk about the possible effects of radiation and ways to mitigate it. Some believe that plants might be the answer – if true, it could be a great natural solution.

What Exactly is Radiation?

Radiation is a very broad term that describes an invisible electromagnetic energy wave. These waves are produced when electrons – the smallest part of an atom – move around and generate energy. The waves can travel at different speeds, all of which make up the electromagnetic spectrum. You’ve probably seen a picture of the electromagnetic spectrum before; it includes microwaves, radio waves, infrared and ultraviolet light (UV, i.e. the cause of sunburn), x-rays, and gamma rays (think, The Hulk). It also includes a very, very small section of “visible wavelengths”, or in other words, all the colors we can see.

Both humans and plants can “absorb” all of these, but there are some theories that certain plants can actually retain certain types of radiation, leaving less in the general environment.

How Do Plants Help with Radiation?

You might have heard of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields – basically just another term for the radiation we described above. The two main categories of radiation, or EMFs, are ionizing (or high frequency EMFs) and non-ionizing (or low frequency EMFs).

Ionizing radiation/high frequency EMFs includes some UV light, X-rays, and Gamma rays. These waves have the potential to damage your cells and the DNA inside them. The good news about ionizing radiation is that, aside from the rays of the sun, you are unlikely to encounter it often enough in your daily life for it to have any impact on your health. Plants can absorb some of this ionizing radiation – sunlight for example. They convert it into sugars and food, so it may not be completely out of the realm of possibility to think that they can do something similar with other types of radiation. Trees add another layer of protection too – their leaves can help block ultra violet radiation as it penetrates the atmosphere.

Non-ionizing radiation/low-frequency EMFs comprise the other 2/3 of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are both manmade and natural sources of low-frequency EMFs, including the radio waves, Wi-Fi, and the Earth’s own magnetic field.

Within the low-frequency EMF range is another subcategory called the extremely low frequency EMFs, or ELF-EMFs. These are generated from things like powerlines and electrical appliances. This is the radiation that has some people concerned. Some speculate that certain plants – particularly succulents and cacti – can absorb some extremely low frequency EMF emissions.

Plants That Absorb Radiation

Aside from the obvious benefits of adding green to your space and increasing the oxygen levels, a lot of these plants also happen to be easy to care for. They do well indoors and in smaller pots, making them ideal for office spaces and desks – right where they’re needed! Here is a list of 7 plants thought to help reduce the ELF-EMFs in your environment:

1. The Betel Leaf Plant

Common particularly in parts of south Asia, the betel leaf is a vine plant whose concentrated extract has shown promise in protecting DNA from ionizing radiation. Researchers in India conducted a study that found that betel protects the DNA by lowering the amount of breakage, and thereby reducing the amount of damage to the DNA.

2. Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents have become increasingly popular because they’re cute and very simple to take care of. As it turns out, they have other benefits as well. Both cacti and succulents are hardy plants that thrive in almost any environment. Researchers at NASA discovered that these plants are great for absorbing certain types of EMF radiation.

They won’t necessarily be as helpful in absorbing radiation from your computer since EMF radiation emits in a straight line. However, they are great for absorbing radiation that could be ricocheting around your room or being emitted from nearby cell towers.

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3. The Snake or Airplane Plant

It’s fortunate that Sansevieria, or the “snake” or “airplane” plant is frequently seen adorning office spaces—because they are great for absorbing EMF radiation from computers.

You might see these plants in large pots where they can flourish and grow tall, but they can also be put in smaller pots for the desk.

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4. The Aloe Vera Plant

Succulents such as Aloe Vera are already known for their robust growth in austere environments as well as their healing properties. Aloe is a well-known remedy for sunburns caused by ultra violet radiation, so it may not be too much of a stretch to suggest it has other radiation-curing uses.

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5. The Spider Plant

Most commonly known as the “spider plant,” Chlorophytumcomosum already has been shown to absorb large quantities of pollution and cleanse a space of toxic gases.

Spider plants are able to metabolize noxious gases such as Aldehyde formic acid and convert them into ammonia and sugar. In addition to pollution, spider plants are also believed to be effective at absorbing radiation from computers.

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6. The Stone Lotus Flower

This is the perfect desk plant – it’s small, adorable, and a great producer of essential oils as well a powerful air purifier.

Its air purifying properties are why many people also believe it is effective for absorbing radiation in the air, whether from ambient radiation bouncing off your walls or the type being emitted by computers and other electronic devices.

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7. The Narcissus Plant

Aptly named for its beautiful flowers, the Narcissus is also very efficient at converting ionizing UV radiation into plant food. This means you get the best of both worlds with a beautiful decoration that also promotes greater health.

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Radiation Absorbing Plants Video

Here is a video talking about other benefits of anti radiation plants:

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