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Radiation Proof Trunks Review

Radiation Proof Trunks Review

A silver lining can be found much closer than in the clouds in the sky. Since 2017, Lambs formerly known as Spartan, began to sell online silver lining Radiation-proof protection underwear for men.

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Lambs’ mission “…is to raise the standard of men’s underwear while also putting in mind health and fertility.”

The best way to tap into the market is to find a problem to solve. Lambs identified a market based on the ongoing research and debate whether wireless signals emitted from cell phones are safe for their owners. Their aim is to offer underwear that protects men from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that radiate from their cell phones that some studies have found to adversely affect men’s fertility. Since cell phones are typically found in men’s pant pockets that means frequent and ongoing exposure is a reality.

What are Electromagnetic Fields and why do we need protection from them? EMF is a continuous field produced by electrically charged objects. Common sources are cell phones and Wi-Fi. This field travels in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light and generates electromagnetic radiation.

EMF dispersal can vary in their wavelengths and frequencies which determines the degree of harmful exposure. For example, X-rays give off a low wavelength radiation and have a high frequency. A high frequency enables a stronger penetration.

Radio emits a high wavelength but low frequency, which means there is a weaker penetration. Microwaves have a lower frequency, however, it is the medium and long term exposure that increase one’s health risk. Cell phones are in the same category as a microwave. However, exposure is far more frequent with cell phones.

The role that smartphones, Wi-Fi and bluetooths play in our lives reinforce a lifestyle that wireless products are intertwined in many areas of our lives. It also means these products are always near our bodies.

You will find studies that will tell you there is no need to be concerned about having your cell phone in close proximity. However, you will also find over 100 studies conducted over the past years that have established the adverse impact that frequent exposure to EMF does have on the body. Of the many health risks identified identified, one of them is reduction in sperm count in men due to frequent exposure to cell phones. This is because cell phones are commonly found sitting in men’s pants pockets.

Steps are being taken by governments from more than 30 countries to promote public awareness about this and other health concerns. Unfortunately, a number of phone manufacturers’ are not exercising the necessary compliance and transparency to protect the consumer from these health risks related to using their products.

So Lambs is offering the public a proactive solution. Lambs’ trunks, one of their product lines, are certified to prevent 99% of cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation.

A Deep Dive Into Lambs’ EMF Protection Trunks

For every man who wants the chance to have a family ought to take seriously the growing studies that establish the direct effect that cell phones have on what is identified as an alarming decrease in male fertility.

The research concludes the difference in lower sperm count and immobile sperm for men who carry their phones in their pockets or belts, compared with men who did not. Men do not have many options for protecting themselves.

Lambs’ EMF proof trunks is the product of choice to ensure children will be a reality in your future.

What We Like About Lambs’ Radiation Proof Trunks

Overview Of Features
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Lambs’ WaveStopper® silver-lining technology is based on NASA technology. The MET Laboratory, located in Baltimore, Maryland has tested and certified that this product blocks 99% of cell phone and Wi-Fi harmful microwaves.

The Silver Flex®, in the XSoft Cotton® makes these trunks anti-microbial and odor-free. The fabric is breathable and that means comfort all day long for the wearer.

For added comfort, the waistband does not roll, the legs stay in place. For further protection the trunks include a no fly pouch.

To purchase one brief, the price is $45. If you don’t like their product you can return your Lambs, underwear up to 100 days after receiving it — if you have never worn them — and get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Lambs also offers a 30-day trial period for every first purchase. If you are not satisfied by day 30, you can keep the underwear and get a full refund.

There is the option to join Lambs’ membership club and receive a 36% discount. Every three months Lambs will automatically ship to you three pairs of underwear of your choice at the discounted price of $29/pair. You can cancel at any time.

What We Don’t Like About Lambs’ EMF Protection Trunks

We have not found any downsides to this product.


  • Comfort and protection
  • The more you purchase in one order the higher the discount.
  • The membership subscription – 3 Lambs trunks every 3 months – is the best deal at $29 per trunk.


  • A bit pricey — if you don’t believe the studies that identify the health risks.

Overview Of Features

You stay cool throughout the day because the WaveStopper® and Silver Flex® encourage a balanced temperature environment for your skin.

The comfortable XSoft Cotton® fabric naturally tackles bacteria at the molecular level because the underwear remains fresh and breathable while you wear it.

Your comfort is further ensured with a no roll waistband and stay put legs.

Review Summary

Lambs is offering a silver lining in their trunks. This tech clothing aligns with their mission to raise awareness to the public regarding the risks of EMF radiation exposure. The Lambs’ brand has been tested and certified to protect from the adverse effects of cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation.

There are free of cost options to reduce exposure to EMF. Headsets, maintaining a distance between your bed and phone are a few workable free choices.

Despite the price and lack of scientific consensus regarding the impact of exposure to EMF, Lamb’s briefs may still be exactly what you want.

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