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EMF Protection Briefs Review

EMF Protection Briefs Review

Lambs, formerly known as Spartan, began in 2017 to sell online EMF protection underwear for men. Their mission “…is to raise the standard of men’s underwear while also putting in mind health and fertility.”

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This market was borne out of research and debate whether wireless signals that emit from cell phones are safe for us. Before we discuss the specifics of the product itself, let’s understand more about these signals from which the product is designed to protect the consumer.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a continuous field produced by electrically charged objects such as cell phones and Wi-Fi. EMF travels in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light and this propagation is called electromagnetic radiation.

There are both natural and manmade sources that emit electromagnetic fields. For example, our bodies naturally emit a low intensity EMF. It is EMF that is transmitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi that are unnatural and have raised health risk concerns.

EMF propagation varies based on the difference in wavelengths and frequencies. Radio distributes high wavelength radiation, which means they emit low frequency and convey small amounts of energy.

Short wavelength radiation has a high frequency and is packed with tremendous energy. The higher the frequency, the better the penetration, for example, X-rays. We already know that frequent exposure to EMF from X-rays can impair cells and genetic materials and increases health risks.

Microwaves have lower frequency but can pose a significant health risk in the medium and long term. Cell phones exude as much EMF as a microwave does. Our increasing dependence on technology means people are exposed on a daily basis to radiation from smartphones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This may be tolerable except for the fact that we usually place our phones in our pockets, right next to our bodies.

Based on over 100 studies conducted over the past years to identify the impact frequent exposure to EMF has on the body. In addition to brain cancer, several unrelated health risks have been identified that include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular disease, cognitive and memory effect, and reproductive harm.

Governments from over 30 countries have passed laws for steps to be taken to limit the public’s exposure to EMF radiation. One of the first steps involves increasing public awareness regarding the health dangers.

Unfortunately, passing laws do not guarantee compliance or implementation enforcement of these mandated protections. There have been studies in the past few years that highlight cell phone manufacturer non-compliance, lack of transparency with the consumers regarding the health risks of their products.

Lambs is offering the public the option to be proactive in this area with their NASA inspired underwear. It has been tested and certified by the MET Laboratory, located in Baltimore, Maryland, to prevent 99% of cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation.

Who’s It For

Due to growing studies highlighting the health concerns that stem from the effect cell phones have on an alarming decrease of male fertility is the basis for the Lambs’ primary product focus of men’s underwear. Many research projects conclude that the radiation’s adverse effects result in lower sperm counts and more immobile sperm for men who carry their phones in their pockets or belts, compared with men who did not.

To purchase one brief, the price is $45. If you don’t like their product you can return your Lambs, underwear up to 100 days after receiving it — if you have never worn them — and get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Lambs also offers a 30-day trial period for every first purchase. If you are not satisfied by day 30, you can keep the underwear and get a full refund.

There is the option to join Lambs’ membership club and receive a 36% discount. Every three months Lambs will automatically ship to you three pairs of underwear of your choice at the discounted price of $29/pair. You can cancel at any time.

What We Like About Lambs’ EMF Protection Briefs

Lambs’ WaveStopper® silver-lining technology is based on NASA technology that has been tested to block 99% of cell phone and Wi-Fi harmful microwaves. The Silver Flex®, in the XSoft Cotton®, prevents a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria is a catalyst for odors so bacteria-free means odor-free, too. The wearer will find that the fabric design makes these briefs breathable which means comfort throughout the day.

What We Don’t Like About Lambs’ EMF Protection Briefs

The briefs are expensive. That’s about it.


  • Tested and Certified to block 99% of microwave radiation
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odor
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • A bit pricey if you don’t believe the studies

Overview of Features

Overview Features
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Lambs’ incorporation of the WaveStopper® silver-lining technology, called Silver Flex®, into the XSoft Cotton® fabric naturally tackles bacteria at the molecular level. By targeting the cellular structure, odor-causing bacteria are prevented from flourishing.

The silver creates a balanced temperature environment when in contact with the skin. The underwear remains fresh and breathable which keeps you cool throughout the day. Comfort in addition to protection.

Review Summary

Lambs is a tech clothing company with a mission to raise awareness around EMF radiation and to protect customers from environmental dangers. The brand created the first underwear that has been tested to protect from the adverse effects of cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation.

No scientific consensus has yet been reached in the area of exposure to EMF. If you are concerned and you feel Lambs’ product is a bit pricey, then you have a few other free options like using headsets, texting instead of calling and keeping your phone at a distance from your bed.

As the debate continues, choosing to wear protective fashion depends on your comfort level. Lamb’s briefs may be exactly what you like regardless of the price and scientific conclusions.

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