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Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie

A Deep Dive into The Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie

The Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie is intended to shield wearers from certain bandwidths of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) associated with cellular devices. It was first unveiled in 2019.

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Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie is intended for those who are concerned about the effects of RF (radio frequency) radiation on their brain. These sources include cell phones, radio towers, high-voltage lines, routers, and other radio-emitting devices. Whereas not every person out there wears a beanie as part of their daily fashion, the potential health benefits of the cap are implied by results of a host of scientific studies highlighting the dangers of RF exposure.

What We Like About Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie

Lamb's EMF-Proof Beanie
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The beanie is comfortable to wear and is expected to perform as advertised. Although we did not have an RF meter handy, all the Lamb’s products are lab tested at an independent facility (MET Laboratories). If RF exposure is eventually proven to be a health issue and noting that cellular devices are used next to the skull, an EMF-proof cap may be just what you need.

What We Don’t Like About Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie

As this is a very new product, there are no user comments at this time. Some tech review commentaries have accused Lamb’s of exploiting the public paranoia about RF exposure. Despite the evidence at present being inconclusive, with studies demonstrating lack of danger from environmental RF and others providing evidence for it, the basic principles of regulatory toxicology dictate erring on the side of caution based on the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) exposure principle.


  • Guaranteed
  • Anti-RF
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Breathable
  • Cool


  • RF exposure is not a proven danger
  • Maybe a beanie is not your style

What’s Included?

A beanie and garment care instructions.

Overview of Features

Overview of Features

A bit about the technology. Lamb’s uses a proprietary Wavestopper Technology that consists of silver thread woven into the cotton cloth of their products. Wavestopper has been demonstrated by MET Laboratories to deflect 99% of typical environmental RF radiation (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phone, and microwave). The report of their findings can be reviewed here.

RF radiation consists of electromagnetic emissions that vary in wavelength and are, essentially, photons of differing energies. The RF wavelengths of concern are longer wavelength radiation, those outside the visible spectrum, namely microwave emissions.

Within the microwave bandwidth are all of our modern forms of communication, cell phone (0.8-2.6 GHz), Wi-Fi (2.4-5.0 GHz), and cell towers (0.8-2.6 GHz), as well as microwaves from microwave ovens (2.45 GHz). Ovens are well-shielded by design to limit and are not of concern.

Wi-Fi routers and cellular communication bands are the main targets of RF concern in that towers and cell phones are not shielded. Regardless of industry dismissal of claims about RF health effects, cell phones may be of concern.

Whereas a microwave oven emits the same or very similar wavelengths to a cell phone, there are large differences in wave amplitude (power output). This difference is the main argument against cell phone microwave emissions posing a danger. However, low amplitude microwave radiation close to the source can still cause cellular damage. Since cell phones are used mostly held against the head, this is the primary concern: proximity.

Despite the present controversy over whether or not RF radiation poses health risks, no one can dispute that the sheer amount of environmental RF has increased dramatically in the last 30 years. Since 2009, environmental RF has increased 1.0 x 1018. For those of you not too familiar with scientific notation (shame on you for not paying attention in math class…), that’s a 1 followed by 18 zeros. That’s a lot of zeros.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that prolonged RF exposure affects sperm counts, increases malignant cancer risks, and long-term cell phone use increases the incidence rate of benign neuroma. Now, sure its benign, but you go deaf in the affected ear. In contrast, numerous studies have failed to conclusively prove RF exposure poses any risks. The call at this point is up to you. For some guidance, look here, here, here, and do a general search here.

The presence of silver in the fabric has additional useful properties. Silver ions are toxic to bacteria, so the fabric is generally anti-bacterial and will stay germ-free and odor-free. This use has long been known; in antiquity, silver coins were placed over wounds to speed healing.

Review Summary

The decision to wear protective headgear to shield against RF is a personal decision. At present, the jury is still out on the issue. However, invoking the precautionary principle would be advised, since any anticipated adverse health effects are likely to be cumulative over a long period of exposure, as is true with most environmental agents. If you have to shield your noggin, the Lamb’s EMF-Proof Beanie is a fashionable way to go.

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